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QuickBooks In Cloud – Productivity Secrets Revealed

In the past decades, QuickBooks has emerged as one of the best accounting solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

It is known for simplifying and automating business accounting operations for businesses. The major benefit of QuickBooks is that you do not require extensive technical knowledge to use the software.

The software consists of a number of forms which can keep all the transactional record and tax filings. Due to such features QuickBooks has gained popularity among small and medium sized businesses.


Another advanced feature of QuickBooks is its ability to adapt to recent innovations. One of them is its adaptability with the cloud. Cloud computing has helped SMBs in a number of ways. Integration of cloud with QuickBooks, is just like icing on the cake.

How Hosting QuickBooks over the cloud works?

Traditionally Desktop version of QuickBooks was in practice. The process involved the complete installation of QuickBooks on a local machine or on the desktop. The software was accessible only through that machine.

Cloud hosting involves a third party server and an internet connection. QuickBooks is installed on the third party server and it can be accessed from anywhere at any time through any device such as laptops, PC, smartphones etc.

We need to set permissions and give access rights to authorized users. The entire setup is dependent on Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). However, the functionalities and features of Hosted QuickBooks remain the same as of the desktop version.

quickbooks host

The third party servers are provided by hosting provider companies like Techarex Networks. For QuickBooks hosting , we need to pay nominal charges.

The service provider hosts the desired QuickBooks version on their server. These versions can be Pro, Premier or Enterprise.

The charges are mainly for the server resources and technical support provided by the company.

All the rights are governed by the Admin. He can create or delete users, set permissions and assign access rights to them. The access of hosted QuickBooks is secure by the login credential authentications.

For Hosted QuickBooks, we require an installation of remote access tool so that we can take the remote access of the software. Multiple Users can access QuickBooks from different devices and different locations simultaneously.

 The entire accounting operations will be executed and saved on the hosting server. Hence, our crucial data remains safe even in the event of failure of local machines.

The users feel comfortable working on hosted QuickBooks since its features and functionalities are similar to the desktop version of QuickBooks.

All the benefits of cloud computing, such as – multiuser collaboration, anytime & anywhere access, automated backup, device independence, technical support, disaster recovery, etc. are included in hosting QuickBooks over the  cloud. Thus it enhances business productivity.

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