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QuickBooks Hosting Uniting Spatial Demographic Accounting Capabilities via Virtualization

Moving your business to “The Cloud” is the need of the hour. For the sake of business continuity and global expansion of the businesses, the cloud has gradually become the best approach with low cost and no maintenance overheads.

QuickBooks Hosting Uniting Spatial Demographic Accounting

Application service providers (ASPs) deliver QuickBooks Hosting from their respective data centers to your computer via your broadband access to the Internet.

There are two significant pitfalls with the ASP model.

1. You need to upload your QuickBooks organizational files to the ASP’s data center server which might be shared among several customers.

2. Local printing may be a cumbersome process. Security and downtime are recurring matter of concerns for many ASP businesses.

The painless QuickBooks approach is comparatively different. With QuickBooks hosting, data center applications are totally under your control in secure datacenters. You are allowed to own or rent your own high-performance private cloud to grow, expand, and scale up your business.

Moreover, QuickBooks hosting is cost competitive solution which works best for multi-location having five plus multi-user [as depicted in Figure 1].

QuickBooks hosting is cost competitive solution

Figure 1: QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions customers meeting requirements for a native installation.

Realizing the fact that data center based applications deliver competitive advantages for businesses, the efficient QuickBooks hosting solutions catalyze the business growth.

Techarex Networks provides the QuickBooks cloud hosting services and solutions walking you through the transition to QuickBooks in the data center, hence your business get benefitted with the following listed competitive advantages.

● Eliminate the costs of purchasing powerful servers which require security and specialized IT staff to be available 24/7/365.

● Save money which they would generally spend on high-performance workstations by utilizing consumer grade equipment.

● A sigh of relief from frustrating manual upgrades on individual computers, because routine upgrades are performed on a single server via cloud solution and service provider.

● Minimizes office space requirements by gaining access to organizational applications irrespective of employee’s location.

● You are relieved from backup and recovery liability, as data backup and recovery become our responsibility at the regular intervals of time.

● Any device flexibility makes communication easy and fast. Users are allowed to work from a smartphone, an iPad, a Windows or Android tablet with cross-platform application compatibility.

● In the rapidly changing technology, it is capable of mitigating risk and security issues.

● Reduced costs per transaction via economies of scale in infrastructure, people, and tools.

● Utilization of time and talent to target your core business growth and activities instead of handling complex Information Technology.

Experience how QuickBooks guarantees access to your information anytime and from anywhere. Discover multi-user QuickBooks, non-conventional hosting, in your own private cloud, with optimum performance, redundancy, data security and disaster recoverability. Contact us today! Our dedicated experienced team is guiding clients by providing the best business solutions for them, from all around the world.

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