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Go Beyond QuickBooks for Inventory Management. Know Why

As your business grows, so does its requirements. With the growing business, it is necessary to enhance or replace the existing resources for using QuickBooks, such as QuickBooks system requirements, QuickBooks servers, etc.

Today’s accounting system is not just limited to bookkeeping or basic financial activities. There are several business-critical operations, such as Inventory Management that a business does by using QuickBooks Enterprise or QuickBooks Premier Software.

There are several benefits of QuickBooks. However, with the growing business, the task of inventory management and tracking becomes a complex task. And, relying solely on QuickBooks to get best results can be insufficient.

QuickBooks is undoubtedly the best accounting software, but it has few limitations as well. And, therefore, you need to think beyond QuickBooks for inventory management when your business achieves new miles.

There are several QuickBooks apps such as Fishbowl Inventory and Activate that you need to use to achieve optimal QuickBooks experience for inventory management.



In this blog post, let’s see why and when it becomes important to think beyond QuickBooks for inventory management.

Product Demand Grows

When your small business is established and there is a high product demand, the inventory needs also see an unprecedented increase. To keep a track on a high number of inventories, you need to have an advanced mechanism.

QuickBooks Premier Software that you may be using now needs more advanced features, which can only be done by integrating QuickBooks applications which has specific features for inventory management.

Multiple Users Work Simultaneously

When a business grows, you may need more human resources who can work simultaneously on the same QuickBooks file. Sometimes, you may not get good results from QuickBooks multi user mode.

And, in such a situation, you need to think beyond QuickBooks and get more enhanced features to support numerous people at the same time. You can enhance QuickBooks features by getting QuickBooks Advanced Inventory tool for inventory management.

Need for More Advanced Channel

The existing system for inventory management may not suffice your business needs when you have multiple channels for selling your products.

When you feel that now your business is ready to sell its products via multiple channels such as online or EDI platforms, then you need to go beyond QuickBooks for inventory management.

You can integrate QuickBooks with QuickBooks apps, such as Activate to connect and communicate with multiple channels or platforms from where your business operates.

Keep QuickBooks and Other Data Separate

QuickBooks contains several confidential information that you may not want to expose in front of all employees. However, if you are using QuickBooks for inventory management, then confidential business data can get exposed to other employees.

It is, therefore, important to keep different data in different files. And, for doing so, you need to use other apps or add-ons along with QuickBooks.

The Way Forward

Inventory management is one of the most critical areas where any business needs to concentrate. And, with increased product demands, you need to have a well-established infrastructure for inventory management.

There are several QuickBooks applications and tools that you can easily integrate and use with QuickBooks for getting the most optimal results. You can also reach to the best QuickBooks hosting provider to get advanced QuickBooks features.

If you want to know more about QuickBooks apps or QuickBooks apps hosting, then feel free to connect with us right now.

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