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Things You Should Know About QuickBooks Customer Payroll Options

In this article, we will share the knowledge regarding Intuit’s payroll options so that you can select the best option for your clients. Running the payroll inside of QuickBooks or by using a product that imports into QuickBooks program is a very cost effective way for your customers to pay their employees. Integration reduces the errors and saves your time in filling the entries into your customer’s checkbook easily. It makes the bank reconciliations a breeze.

All the following options will allow your clients to run their payroll, pay their employees, or print paychecks and/or pay their subcontractors by direct deposit.

Within the financial products, your clients can keep their payroll confidential by selecting the proper user login permissions. You have to keep in mind that there is also a third option that is not integrated as it is a standalone payroll solution.

However, they can have the option to import data into all the QuickBooks financial products, including QuickBooks Pro for Mac.

The benefits, as well as limitations will be highlighted for each of the offerings:

Part 1: QuickBooks Online

Simple Start, Essentials, Plus Integrated Options:

QuickBooks Online has many limitations you should be aware of. Your customers have to make their decision about the full-service payroll right away, as they can’t upgrade them from QuickBooks Enhanced to QuickBooks Full-Service Payroll later on. They can’t track the job costing but, QuickBooks Desktop versions including Pro, Premier, and Enterprise allows them to do both.

QuickBooks Online : sSimple Start, Essentials, Plus

In these two integrated options, they can run the payroll checks and the only difference is who is paying the payroll tax payments and who is filing the quarterly as well as annual payroll tax returns.

1. Done for you – QuickBooks Full Service Payroll (Integrated)
2. Do it yourself – Enhanced Payroll (Integrated)

Part 2: QuickBooks Desktop Software

QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise Editions:

In these two integrated options, your customers can print their payroll checks or can have them direct deposited. It will integrate directly into their QuickBooks desktop, and allow them to allocate their hours in the service to job costing, true P/L reporting, and multi-level class tracking.

The only difference is who is paying the payroll tax payments and who is filing the annual and quarterly payroll tax returns. These options are not available in QuickBooks Pro for Mac:

1. Done for you – Assisted Payroll (Integrated)
2. Do it yourself – Enhanced Payroll (Integrated)

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold – It comes with Enhanced Payroll subscription, no need to buy separately, and also direct deposit is free of cost.

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll – It is a great choice for the businesses who want to process their own payroll and want to do their own e-file and e-pay federal. Also, state taxes as well as annual & quarterly payroll tax returns (including year-end W2s processing). You have to note that if they choose Enhanced payroll, then they can upgrade to integrated QuickBooks Assisted Payroll later on.

QuickBooks Desktop on One Computer : Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting

(With QuickBooks Cloud hosting services, you don’t need to worry about any updates, upgrades or maintenance).

QuickBooks Assisted Payroll is a great choice for the businesses who want to process their own payroll and have their taxes paid and reports are done for them. Intuit will e-file, e-pay the federal and state taxes quarterly as well as file their payroll tax returns (including year-end W2s processing).

CBG (Complete Business Group) uses QuickBooks Assisted Payroll, keeping in mind that setting up payroll has certain steps that are required to be done in order. You need to be prepared to help your clients with this setup, or your partner with another CBG payroll expert in order to assist your customer with this setup. It is recommended to do this work in the month of November/December to get it ready for the new year.

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