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QuickBooks 2017 (Desktop) Accounting Software : What To Expect

Every year around September/October, Intuit launches new release for its famous accounting software QuickBooks. This year QuickBooks 2017  launched by Intuit. This version of QuickBooks you can use also on QuickBooks Cloud Hosting server.

The release includes functional changes as well changes in the user interface.

The date of QuickBooks 2017 release is yet to be announced. QuickBooks hosting services providers are keeping a close watch on the release date as hosted QuickBooks will be the first priority of enterprise clients post the release.

The crucial areas where we anticipate and would like to see improvements in future versions of QuickBooks Desktop in 2017 are as follows:

1. Batch Enter Transactions:

For importing a single transaction with multiple lines, QuickBooks 2017 must have a feature to paste multiple lines in the SPLIT box. It will be beneficial to paste multiple lines having the same transaction number and Date for the same transaction.

The facility to enter journal entries, Batch Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Estimates etc. A check-box of “Auto Create Vendor” inside batch enter that can automatically add the vendor while saving it instead of creating new each time.

QuickBooks 2017

2. Shortcuts

Shortcuts for EVERYTHING like Bills, vendor center, journal entries, etc. are highly required.

CONTEXTUAL shortcut that gets activated using CTRL+ENTER is most demanding.

For example, if you wish to create a New name under Write Check, CTRL+ENTER would do a QuickAdd+Vendor automatically, instead of asking you those two questions.

If you are in the check register and you create a new account, CTRL+ENTER would automatically add an expense account.

QuickBooks 2017 (Desktop)

3. Reports

The following things are highly needed for the current reports in QB

● The Horizontal Collapse (for Customer: Jobs and Classes: Subclasses) is highly required.

● In the “Total By” we need to be able to have Customer, Customer: Job, and Job and three different options. The option for Vendor/Employee/Other is also needed because
Payee will show the customer sometimes and is very confusing.

It would be great to have a Subtotal By as a secondary grouping option.

● There should be an option for “No Class” while choosing a Class Filter. It would be pretty amazing if we can have a customer: job filter separates while analyzing missing customer: job etc.

● Header and Footer are required to be longer and customizable.

● While saving a report group the user needs to be able to “Add New” to the report groups.

● In the Profit & Loss by Job report, a column for “No Job” column must be added.

● When you select the Account Filter, then you can only view the “Cost of Sales” or “Expenses” separately. You may need an option for combined COGS & Expenses.

● A range option can be added in the “Amount” filter. That can be either >, < or =.It would be great if you can filter the amount as “credit only”, “Debit only” or both.

● In the On Cash basis detail reports, a column for ORIGINAL transaction date that displays the accrual transaction date. Similarly, a “Paid Date” column is required for Accrual basis detail report.

● When you select “Multiple Accounts” and “Multiple Names” in the filters, they should appear in sorted order. Moreover, both the name type (Vendor/customer) and the account type needs to be filterable and sortable.

● A report for getting the details of “Un-Deposited funds” is needed so that the user can view the pending fund transactions that are required to be deposited.

● Customization of the default columns that view reports like transaction Journal and Item Quick Report.

● You must be able to customize the default columns that are highlighted in reports like Transaction Journal and Item QuickReport

QuickBooks 2017 (Desktop)

4. Add/Edit Multiple List Entries:

To add a vendor list with default accounts is very powerful for accountants. Adding my account pre-fills columns for vendors is highly desirable. Accounts can come as an option on Add/Edit Multiple List Entries.

5. Vendor Center and Customer Center

The ability to filter by Vendor Type and/or by Customer Type will be helpful. A tool such as a shortcut tool can be used for merging names.

For example, if we CTRL click two accounts by holding the CTRL+ATL key down, it will prompt us to merge the names; cleaning up lists is a very tedious thing for accountants and users.

Also, when we resize my split window, all our customized columns get RESET… this a big issue for us, feels like a BUG.

QuickBooks 2017 (Desktop)

6. Other Names List

A Preference to “disable this option” must be added. This prohibits the user from creating another name. QuickBooks reports an error when you try to convert large amounts of “Other Names” into vendors.

7. Check Register

Customization of Add customer column. Ability to add class or job without going to SPLIT. The check number in the REF column must be removed because you have to delete it manually while entering non-check bank debits. The ability to SEARCH or Filter by vendor/Account in Bank Rules must be provided.

8. Reclassify Transactions in QBA

This tool must have a filter to batch reclassify Payee name and Customer: Job name. The facility to SHIFT click on a transaction to select ALL transactions between two selected transactions must be provided.

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9. Reconcile

You might require a “Reconcile & Next” button that frisk the report generating and move directly to reconcile the next month. The ability to view a column in the transactions so you can judge if the transaction was downloaded/matched or not. This will be helpful in identifying those duplicates transactions that create problems.

A new feature to HIDE the cleared transactions must be added. This is similar to HIDE after the statement date. This makes it easier to search the Missed transactions.

The Service Charge Date and Interest Charge Date to default to the Statement date would be an added advantage. You should be able to Mark/Unmark all for each side separately Checks and Deposits.

QuickBooks 2017 (Desktop)

10. Subcategories

The mandatory selection of sub categories like subclasses, sub accounts, sub items and jobs creates a problem. In case, the user does not select a sub, the” – Other” gets added to reports by default, and causes a plenty of user confusion.

A preference that prohibits the user from selecting a Customer without a job (if active jobs are present) or a Class if active subclasses are present, etc.

11. Chart of Accounts

There must be an add-on feature to Search and Filter the chart of accounts similar to the Item list.

QuickBooks 2017 (Desktop)

Hopefully, these feature enhancements would be made available to benefit the current QuickBooks users.  Definitely, enterprise customers going for QuickBooks hosting on Cloud will have the best QuickBooks experience with such incredible modifications combined with the benefits offered by QuickBooks Cloud service providers.

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