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How To Setup A New Payroll Schedule In QuickBooks Easily

Payroll schedule enables you to group employees who have the same pay frequency and paycheck date.

It helps your payroll to run quickly and conveniently. The payroll schedule system takes care of all the issues such as if you have missed to pay an employee or an employee got paid twice.

You need to set up at least one Payroll schedule before you start paying your employees. To do so, you need to follow the given steps:

Step 1:

● Go to the home page of QuickBooks and click on Payroll Center icon.

click on Payroll Center icon.


● Go to – Employees > Payroll Center.

Go to – Employees > Payroll Center

Step 2:

● The Pay Employees tab is activated by default.
● Move to the Pay Schedules drop-down.
● The Pay Schedules drop-down gets auto-populated with values like New, Edit schedule, delete schedule.
Click New.

Pay Employees tab

Step 3:

● This will navigate you to the New payroll schedule page.
● Enter the name for the payroll schedule. It can be “monthly”, “weekly”, “Biweekly”. It depend on the number of days for which you pay an employee.
● The payroll schedule name can be the same as the “Pay frequency” for example if you are paying for the month you can name the payroll schedule as Monthly.
Pay frequency defines the time period after which you will pay remunerations to your employees.
● The pay frequency is a drop down which gets auto-populated with options like daily, weekly etc.
● Select the desired pay frequency.

New payroll schedule page

 ● Select the end date and the date to be listed on the pay checks from the calendar control as shown below:

Select the end date

● Click “OK”.
● This will navigate you back to the create paycheck page.
● The new pay schedule will appear in the grid as shown in the figure.

create paycheck page.

Once the payroll schedule is setup correctly it will keep on updating with the next payroll dates automatically.

In this way, you can easily create a new payroll schedule in QuickBooks 2016.

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