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QuickBooks 2016 – 8 Great New Features

Intuit launched its latest edition of its famous accounting software QuickBooks. QuickBooks 2016 was launched around September last year.

In an attempt to make QuickBooks experience, seamless for its users, the new edition of QuickBooks holds numerous advanced features.

QuickBooks 2016 updates have several new additions. Also, the already existing tools have been improved with a refined quality.

The new traits of QuickBooks 2016 that will enhance your QuickBooks experience are as follows:

Bill Tracker

Quite alike the Income Tracker in its function, Bill Tracker is an add-on feature to QuickBooks.

It is a dashboard feature which enables the users to view and keep a record of bills, receipts, invoices as well as order history.

Bulk Clear Send Forms

Intuit has now introduced an easier way to get rid of the “Email later” flag from the transactions that you wish to.

Auto Copy Ship-To Address

With this feature, users during any sales transaction, can now create a particular ship-to address. Each user has the option to make multiple ship-to-addresses.

Fiscal Year-to-Last Month report filter

Using this feature, users can filter a report for a range of their choice. It helps in easy customization of reports as per our convenience.

Rebuild Data and Verify Data Updated

Whenever a file is rebuilt on QuickBooks, a complete report is prepared. This report consists of details about the files fixed. Also, there will be information on the files that could not be fixed.

Custom Field Filtering on Item Reports

A variety of items can now be filtered using custom fields.

Label Printer Support

The labels can now be printed on single roll continuous labels. In older versions, labels could be printed only on page-oriented labels.

Streamlined Upgrade Experience

Whenever an already created file is edited, a backup file is generated. Cutting down the long backup process with numerous steps, QB 2016 will let you generate backup for your data in a simple single step.

While all the above-mentioned features are available in all the editions of QuickBooks 2016 for Windows Pro, Premier, Accountant as well as Enterprise, there is one tool that will be on hand only for the users of QuickBooks Enterprise.

The QB Enterprise now has Column sorting on Payment screen.

Click a column header to sort this form feature.

Also, there is a feature named Batch Delete Transactions only accessible on QB Accountant only. This feature allows users to delete a bunch of transactions on your QB account.

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