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4 Major Mistakes committed in QuickBooks and Their Solutions

QuickBooks is one of the most used accounting software for small and medium sized businesses. It has been refashioning the methods of the accounting operations that are being dispatched.

Over a period of time, QuickBooks has become popular among businessmen due to its bug-free and user-friendly behavior, contributing to increase in the business productivity.

Though the second face of coin shows a different story. I have seen businesses that are continuously struggling with QuickBooks usage due to their unknowingly committed mistakes.

Reverse to the increase in business productivity, some mistakes can make QuickBooks create a mess of the accounting. When mistakes are encountered in accounting, they are termed as blunders for business. Nothing less.

However, the number of such businesses is very small or even negligible, but I think it is worth considering that issue. I would have assumed that QuickBooks is not suitable for certain type of businesses but few researchers brought some interesting results.

Few incorrect methods that are adopted while using QuickBooks are as follows:

1. Using By Default Mode

QuickBooks is designed to provide support to maximum number of clients and its default settings are maintained accordingly.

However, each business has some traits that require some customization with the default settings for increased performance.

I have observed few users hesitate to do such customizations and compromise their user experience by using the ‘by default’ settings.

This results in generating errors or requires you to perform some tasks manually. Dealing with such situations at times becomes very time consuming.


 View the QuickBooks default settings. Go through the help manuals available on Intuit website and customize them as per your business requirements.

Mistakes committed in QuickBooks and Their Solutions

2. Choosing The Wrong Version of QuickBooks

When I come across selecting versions of QuickBooks software, I found that ‘they are more or less the same’. If I will work with this mindset, it will create problems for my business.


Hosted QuickBooks with Techarex Networks can be the best choice. Gather your business requirements by analyzing your business size, available infrastructure, number of available users, etc., to decide on the best suitable QuickBooks versions.

Mistakes comamitted in QuickBooks and Their Solutions2

3. Ignoring Passwords

Accountants using QuickBooks must not take their access rights for granted. Accounting details are meant to be kept secretly. You must keep the login credentials safe so as to avoid its public access.


There are some credible security and privacy features for QuickBooks. These features can be used to keep your crucial data safe and protected.

4. Letting Inefficient Person Work on QuickBooks

If an unskilled employee is working on QuickBooks, it will ruin the business accounts.


This issue is usually faced by the new QuickBooks users. To avoid this you may have an adequate QuickBooks training session for the accountants.

Hope analyzing these mistakes will provide you a new perspective on looking at your bookkeeping and managing your accounting systems more efficiently. For more tips and advice on QuickBooks and other accounting software, subscribe to our blog posts.

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