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Important Features Found in QuickBooks Desktop 2017

Many of us have been working with QuickBooks Desktop for years and there is no doubt that this is our comfort zone. And, the QuickBooks Desktop product has been around longer, and in the past, it has gotten a much more attention from the developers as well.

Apart from its previous versions, now let’s talk about the latest QuickBooks Desktop 2017. It has enormous rich features which are easier to use than ever to run your business. Here we will talk about some of the important features of QuickBooks Desktop 2017. So, here it goes:-

● Automated Reports –

You will always be able to know that your reports are on time and accurate based on the data provided, that is automatically generated and emailed to fit your schedule.

● Smart Search –

You can search for stored names, account numbers, and the transaction amounts, and this is now much quicker with a personalized auto complete feature.

● Bill Tracker –

By this feature, you can see the status of your created bills, print or close the purchase orders, and much more. It also makes easier than ever to manage payables.

● Report Filters –

You can apply the same data filters to several reports, and then view it all at once on screen so that you can easily see and find what you are looking for.

● Easily manage inventory items –

You can quickly locate the items and complete the inventory related tasks all in one place by using the Inventory Center in QuickBooks.

● Track your balance sheet by class –

You can use this built-in, easy-to-access report to track the financial data separately by its location, department, or a profit center.

● Bill clients progressively by job phase –

You can track the bill clients by time and material, percentage completion or job phase, or whatever works best for your unique business.

Here are some of the perks that you will get in this latest version of QuickBooks Desktop:-

● You will get the full picture of your business performance by seeing your profit & loss, income and expenses and the top customers instantly on the new Homepage Insights.

● You can find all the reminders and the notifications such as overdue items, to-do tasks, system notifications, and notes from accountants etc. in a single window.

● You can view and pin your important notes about customers, vendors, and employees.

● You can view shipping rates, print labels and track the packages via UPS, FedEx or USPS.

● You can add multiple attachments, customize email templates to include customer/job info, and able to see prior email conversations with its powerful email capabilities.

● You can see all your income-producing transactions in just one spot, including overdue invoices so you can remind your customers to pay up with the new Income Tracker.

● You can track the bounced checks, see key reports in just one-click, and other improvements that the customers asked us for.

● You can send invoices and the estimates right from your business Gmail, Yahoo!, or Hotmail account.

We hope that this serves as a starting point to know about the important features of QuickBooks Desktop 2017.

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