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How Your Industry Benefits from All New QuickBooks Premier 2018?

As of now, we know the new Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018.

With the latest QuickBooks Premier 2018 out in the market, you may be confused that you should upgrade to the latest version or not.

To bring you out of this confusion, in this blog post, we will have a quick glimpse of several benefits of QuickBooks Premier 2018 for different industries. Let’s start.

General Business: QuickBooks Premier 2018

General businesses face several challenges such as quick creation of financial statements and balance sheets. Such challenges generally occurs due to involvement of multiple partners and their inefficiency of accessing or using QuickBooks. However, QuickBooks Premier 2018 solves these challenges and offers:

● Agile Balance Sheet tracking
● Ease-to-manage inventory items
● Real-time bill generation and tracking of inventories


Intuit has come out with several features in QuickBooks Premier 2018, which effectively deals with real-hassles of small businesses in construction industry. QuickBooks Premier 2018, lets contractors to:

● Customize and Organize “Jobs by Vendor” report
● Easily create job changes and track order lists
● In-depth analysis of job profitability

Manufacturing & Wholesale

Financial transactions in the manufacturing and wholesale industries are dynamic. Small businesses dealing in manufacturing and wholesale industry has also demanded Intuit to make QuickBooks more agile and real-time. The new QuickBooks Premier 2018 meets the demands and offers:

● 24/7 inventory reorder point
● Product-wise tracking and analysis of profitability
● Easy prioritization and customization of orders

Non Profit

In the previous versions of QuickBooks there were few important features missing, such as availability of tools to calculate different taxes and exemptions that are applicable on donations. To fix these problems of non-profit organizations and businesses, Intuit’s new QuickBooks Premier 2018 offers:

● Hassle-free creation of annual donation reports
● Easy generation of Form 990
● Real-time tracking of donor contribution

Professional Services

Professional service providers such as lawyers, architects, etc. face lot of hassles in managing their financial activities, such as customization of billing rates for different clients. To bring professional service providers out from such difficulties, QuickBooks Premier 2018 offers:

● Real-time tracking of unbilled expenses
● Easy customization of different billing rates
● Quick profit analysis according to different segments


Small business owners from the retail industry have to deal with quick financial transactions and keep on tracking their financial details. To bring relief for retail businesses, QuickBooks Premier 2018 provides:

● Fast and accurate tracking of sales results
● Easily track inventory costs and other expenses
● Run profit and loss statement anytime

The Way Forward

QuickBooks Premier 2018 offers advantages for all most all the industries and enable them to enhance productivity, track financial transactions and also to forecast and take wise business decisions.

If you want tailored QuickBooks hosting services or you are planning an upgrade to QuickBooks 2018, then feel free to contact us right now. We have new and exciting offers waiting for you.

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