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How to Rebuild a Damaged QuickBooks File?

Have you ever received error messages while trying to do any financial operation on QuickBooks? Error messages, such as “a balance sheet is out of  balance” or “verify a file”. Or, have you been prompted with error messages, such as Error 6150, 600, 82, etc.?  

These error messages signal that a QuickBooks Company File has damaged or there has been some kind of data loss.

A damaged QuickBooks File is always irritating and to repair it, you need the right solution. In this blog post, we will briefly discuss different solutions to repair a damaged QuickBooks file. And, we will also discuss that what you need to do if these basic solutions don’t work.

Steps to Prevent QuickBooks File Damage

There are few steps that you can follow to prevent QuickBooks File Damage. And, before discussing how to repair a damaged QuickBooks file, let’s first see how you can prevent it.

While doing financial operations on QuickBooks, make it a routine habit to follow these steps:

1. Verify QuickBooks Data

To prevent QuickBooks file damage, it is important to verify QuickBooks data on a routine basis. Routine verification of QuickBooks Data assures that you will be aware of certain data that too heavy in size or have any bug content.

2.  Always Work on a Copy of QuickBooks File

Another preventive step that you can take to prevent QuickBooks file damage is to try to work on a copy of a QuickBooks company file, instead of directly working on a primary company file. By following this step, you will prevent yourself from any human error and have a chance for a double check.

3. Get QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

It is really difficult and expensive affair to deploy and manage in-house servers. During any glitch, it is also very difficult to troubleshoot. It is, therefore, advisable to go for QuickBooks hosting. QuickBooks hosting always assures 24/7 data backup, and during any QuickBooks file damage, you don’t need to worry.

Solutions to Repair a Damaged QuickBooks File

Try Manually

Try to repair QuickBooks damaged file, only if you are computer savvy, otherwise always free to ask an expert.

Follow these steps to repair a damaged QuickBooks file:

To Verify Data Backup  

  • Login to the QuickBooks data file as an admin
  • Reset the data file in a single-user mode (only if you are using multi-user mode)
  • Verify data by clicking on File, and then on Utilities and Verify Data

To Rebuild Damaged QuickBooks File Data

  • Copy QuickBooks Data File from Server to Your Desktop
  • Open the newly copied and moved QuickBooks Data File on Desktop
  • Login to QuickBooks as an admin
  • Click on File, then on Utilities, and on Rebuild Data File

After these steps, you need to follow few more steps to complete the rebuilding process.

  • Click on File and Save Copy
  • Select the portable File where you want to store the saved copy
  • Now, save the portable file on Desktop of your computer
  • Copy this portable file to the server
  • For some time, turn-off QuickBooks hosting from your computer
  • Open QuickBooks data file by restoring the portable company file
  • Give a new name to the QuickBooks Data file. It should be different from the previous one

In case, by following these steps, if you fail to rebuild damaged QuickBooks file, then you have to use QuickBooks File Doctor tool.

Use QuickBooks File Doctor

To use QuickBooks File Doctor for repairing damaged QuickBooks file, you have to follow these steps:  

  • Download and install QuickBooks File Doctor
  • After the download, double-click on qbfd.exe, and then follow the instructions
  • Now, look for the Company File from drop-down list
  • You will now see two options on your screen:
  1. Network Connectivity only
  2. Both QuickBooks File Damage and Network Connectivity
  • Enter admin credentials and login to the Company File, and click Next
  • Now, you will be asked to select from Server/Host or Workstation
  • Select an option from the both
  • QuickBooks File Doctor will automatically start diagnosing the problem
  • After completion of diagnosis process, QuickBooks File Doctor will resolve it and rebuild the damaged QuickBooks file


These two processes will adequately rebuild damaged QuickBooks file. However, it is always better to get QuickBooks hosting and leave QuickBooks problems with an expert.

With QuickBooks hosting, you get 24/7 tech support, which lets you wholeheartedly concentrate on core business.

If you have any query about different QuickBooks problems or wish to know about our QuickBooks hosting solutions, then feel free to contact us right now.


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