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How to Print a Form Or an Invoice Through Quickbooks?

If you are using the QuickBooks application as the accounting software on a Windows 7 or Vista, follow the steps given below to get a print of a form or an invoice-

Steps to Install Printer

STEP 1: Go to start menu.

STEP 2: Go to Control Panel.

STEP 3: In the Control Panel window, select the Hardware and Sound option.

print an Invoice or file in QuickBooks

STEP 4: In the Devices and Printers section, click on Add a printer option.

Invoice or file in QuickBooks

STEP 5: In the Add, a Printer window, select add a local Printer option.

STEP 6: A window for Choose a Printer Port will appear on the screen.

File in QuickBooks

STEP 7: In the window, click on Use an existing port option. There exists a drop-down. Select the option that reads File: (Print to file). Click Next.

STEP 8: A window for Install Printer Driver appears on the monitor.

STEP 9: In the given columns, select Generic and Generic/Text Only under Manufacturer and under Printers, respectively. Click Next.

STEP 10: The installation will start.

STEP 11: Click Finish once the installation is complete.

This way a Generic/Text Only printer is installed on your system. The same generic printer can be changed into a default printer for QB-related prints.
All kinds of forms, invoices and checks can be printed using this installed printer.

Steps to print QuickBooks File

To print a QuickBooks file, follow the steps given below:

STEP 1: Go to the QuickBooks File menu.

STEP 2: Select Printer Setup.


STEP 3: In the window for Printer Setup, select the Form Name that you want to be printed.

STEP 4: Select the installed printer.

STEP 5: Click OK.

One of the steps essential to have a form or an invoice printed, is to rename an already QB-created file. QuickBooks creates a file named Qbprint.qbp. For each form in QuickBooks, Qbprint.qbp has a data line. There is a line for invoices as well as a line for additional entries.

For a form to be printed, the form settings from Qbprint.qbp is pulled by QuickBooks. These settings are used by QB to get the form printed.

Also, new information can be entered in the QB-created file. For updating the file with new information, you need to select the Printer Setup window or the Print One Form window and change the selections.

To rename the file, a new file is created by QB. The new file will be created with default settings. In case, you made changes in the original file and customized the settings. It will not be restored. It is always suggested to rename the file and save it with a new name.

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