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How to Perform Data Import in QuickBooks Online Inventory

After the Intuit has come up with a QuickBook online version, it has made some jobs really possible and easy. One of the best features is importing item records. With this, you can add records to the products and services list and the businesses are finding it a useful feature while setting up QuickBooks online at an initial stage.

Have a look on how to import the data in QuickBook online inventory:

To import item records, select Import Data in the “Gear” icon menu.

QuickBooks Online Inventory1

This offers an option to the users to import customers, vendors and the chart for accounts, products and services. After picking up the product & services, you can open a wizard that will take you to each step.

The foremost step is to select CSV file or Excel file. Later on set up your file in Excel to avoid hassles.

QuickBooks Online Inventory2

Consider an example. Just note that it is important to have unique names for each column. However, the user need to check spelling in each column as there is flexibility in this regard. Also, that in this example you will find some missing fields in some records to test how it works:

QuickBooks Online Inventory3

After the user will select the import file, the QuickBooks will try to match up the column name with the one that they want. The left side shows the column that specifies which fields you can import to QuickBooks online inventory. The “Your Field” column has a dropdown field that will list the column headings from your import file.

QuickBooks Online Inventory

If there is a match between the QuickBooks Online field and one of the column headings in your import file, a green check is placed by it. Each value has a dropdown list that includes the column headings from your import file. It is odd, but QuickBooks Online won’t make a match for all fields, even if my column names match perfectly. And it will make matches with some columns that aren’t spelled exactly. “SKU” and “Type” never match even though they are identical in my tests. “Sales Price/Rate” was always matched with “Price.” In any case, changing the mapping is very easy. Just select your import field from the dropdown list.

As you continue, QuickBooks Online will give you a preview look at the records in your import file, before the actual import takes place as shown below.

QuickBooks Online Inventory5

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