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How to Overcome Complications of the QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy

QuickBooks Desktop Accountant’s Copy offers great benefits when a client and accountant want to use QuickBooks Company File at the same time. It is a copy of a company file that an accountant uses for making necessary changes, while a client keeps working on the main file.

However, many a time, you may face complications while using QuickBooks Accountant’s copy and there is also chances data loss. There are several smart ways that you can use during any adversity and achieve optimal advantages of QuickBooks Accountant’s copy.

Prior discussing the best ways to deal with complications of QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy, it is important to know and understand it’s most important facts.

QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy: Most Important Facts

Dividing Date

When you enable QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy, then you need to divide dates. Your accountant can work only on the transactions of the company file which is “Dated Before” or is “Dated On”.

Accountant’s Copy Restrictions

Also assure that while using QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy you don’t remove or make any changes in the accountant’s copy restrictions.


After setting-up QuickBooks Accountant Copy, you may face few complications and may not be able to carry few activities normally. After setting-up an accountant’s copy, transactions, lists, accounts and reconciliation process get affected.

Complications: Ways to Overcome Them

There are few complications that you may witness while using QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy. There are, however, several ways as well to overcome these complications. Let’s one by one look at these complications and solutions.

Difficulty in Doing Transactions

After setting accountant’s copy, you may not be able to do transactions in the way you used to do. You can do transactions or work on transactions only after dividing the dates

Limitations in Accounting

You may also experience few limitations while using accountant’s copy. These limitations include: adding a sub-account, deleting existing accounts and more. To overcome these limitations, it is important to know that:

  • You can add new accounts, but cannot add a sub-account
  • It is impossible to make any changes on pre-existing accounts or even delete them
  • However, you can make changes in accounts that you added after creating accountant’s copy

Deleting List Items Isn’t Possible

After making accountant’s copy, you can inactive list items, edit and sort them, but you cannot merge or delete them. It is, therefore, important to not even try to delete them, otherwise, there is always a possibility of losing data.

In case, you don’t want to see or use few items in the list, the best way it to inactive them.

Don’t Do Reconciliation

If you are using QuickBooks Accountant’s copy, then it is advisable to not do reconciliation for any account.  In case, if you still do account reconciliation, then the task will be undone and there is always a chance of data loss as well.


It is always important to take precautionary steps while using QuickBooks Desktop Accountant’s Copy, otherwise, you may face several adversities, such as data loss and more.

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