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How to Handle Internet Security Level Errors in QuickBooks

Every time when QuickBooks Enterprise installed on a Windows Server 2008 gets open, then a dialog box pops up titling with “Internet Security are Set Too High” and request user to lower the Internet security settings before going further.

In case it is an unattended server, then lowering the Internet security settings is not possible.

Usually, such message depicts that the level of security set-up to the user’s server is at optimal.

The QuickBooks Internet security is set to “high” by default. Few of the functional features of the QuickBooks does not work properly,

So, change the security settings. Change the Internet Explorer security settings set to “Medium’ as Quickbooks default settings.

The settings other than medium might result in pages not getting displayed correctly and features failing to work. This might happen due to following reasons:

Reason1: This might happen when the internet security levels are not set accurately, might be an improper process has been executed.

Reason2: Another factor might be when QuickBooks is opened, the Internet security levels may be set too high

When you open QuickBooks, you might observe following error message:


‘The Internet security of the QuickBooks is set too high. Some of the online features of the QuickBooks might not work properly. Please change the security settings.’


As per Intuit recommendation, two solutions can be offered for this problem. For the effective results perform the solutions in the order shown below:

Solution1: Set the setting to default by resetting Internet Settings to default
[Time estimation: 5 minutes]

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Go to the Tools menu select the Internet Options.

Quickbooks hosting
3. Click on the Security tab.

quickbooks hosting services
4. Choose the Internet icon.(As shown in the figure above)
5. Select the Default Level button present at bottom right for resetting the level to Medium. (as shown in the figure above)
6. Click on the Local Intranet icon.

Quickbooks Internet

7. Click on the Default Level button located at the bottom right for resetting the level to Medium.
8. Click OK.
9. Close and then reopen the Internet Explorer.

Solution2: Reset Internet Settings choosing to default (Windows Server 2008/2003 only)

Windows Server 2008:

[Time estimation: 10 minutes]

1. Select the Windows Start button and choose Server Manager.
2. Select the Configure IE ESC link.

Please note: You may need to locate this link in the Server Summary window based on your configuration and user permissions.

3. Choose Off for Administrators and Users and then, click on Ok button.

Quickbooks security

4. Now, Reopen the QuickBooks.
Windows Server 2003:

1. Click on the Windows Start button and then, select Control Panel.
2. Double-click on Add or Remove Programs.
3. Select Add or remove Windows component, present in the left pane.
4. Go In the Windows Features list, and clear the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security
Configuration check box.

Quickbooks Enhanced security

5. Now, Click on Next button.
6. Then, Reopen the QuickBooks. Now you should not find the error message.

It is recommended that you backup your bookmarks and other internet settings before resetting the browser.

By performing any of the above recommended solution, you will be able to easily resolve the internet security errors with ease.

Are there any other QuickBooks errors bugging you lately? Let us know in the comments and we will try to find a solution and share it with you.

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  1. This is very useful, I haven’t encounter something like this in that past, I set the internet security very will with the help of my brother. I think I can share this information to my brother maybe he didn’t know this as well.

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