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How To Create Company File In QuickBooks 2016?

In order to use QuickBooks after Installation, I require to create a company file.
To do so, I need to follow the given steps…

Step 1:

● Locate QuickBooks icon on the screen and double click on it.
● Wait for its interface to load.
● When QuickBooks is open for the first time, you will see a QuickBooks setup window.
● This setup window is used to create a new company file in QuickBooks from scratch or to convert your business financial data to QuickBooks company file from your existing accounting software.

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● It is assumed that we do not have any company data to be converted into QuickBooks company file.
● Click on the “Create a New Company” button.

QuickBooks 2016 - Company Open

Step 2:

● This will navigate you to the following screen.

Setup to create company in QuickBooks 2016

● Click on “Start setup”

Step 3:

● This will navigate you to the following screen where you need to fill your business details.
● Fields marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory.
● Fill the required details.
● To fill the industry type – refer to our blog- “How to select the industry type and accounts in QuickBooks 2016?
● The Business type field is a drop down list which gets auto-populated with various options.
● Select the “Business Type”.

Select Business Type - QuickBooks 2016

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● You can also select the Business Type by clicking on “Help to choose” option.
● This will navigate you to the following screen.

QuickBooks 2016- Select your company type

Step 4:

● Enter other business details.
● Click on “create company”.

QuickBooks 2016 - Click to Create Company

● QuickBooks will start creating your company and display the following screen.

Creating new company file - QuickBooks 2016

Step 5:

● Once the working is complete. You can start working on QuickBooks , by clicking on the “Start Working” button.

QuickBooks 2016 features

Thus, you can create your company by following the above steps and start experiencing the joy of working with cloud-based accounting solution QuickBooks 2016 .

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