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How TO Create An Invoice In QuickBooks 2016

Suppose I have provided services to the customer before receiving any payments. Now, I need to make a document that specifies the cost of the products or services to that customer.

In QB we use invoice for this purpose.

To raise an invoice for the customer in QuickBooks, I need to follow the given steps…

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Step 1:

Double click on QuickBooks icon to open it and ensure that you have opened the correct company file.

Step 2:

● Click on the Customers tab in the menu bar.
● Go to – Customers > Create Invoices.

Create Invoices - QuickBooks 2016

● This will navigate you to the Invoice Page.

Invoice Page - Quickbooks 2016

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Step 3:

● On the LHS top corner of the invoice screen, we will see a dropdown list with the customer’s name.
● You can easily find options under the “customer: job” field.
● The “customer: job” field will be auto-populated with the customer’s name and job types.

  the invoice screen - QuickBooks 2016

Step 4:

● Once the customer’s name is being selected the associated information like shipping address, terms, Invoice number will be filled automatically.

Fill the associated information - QuickBooks 2016

Step 5:

Select the Invoice date and Due date from the calendar control.

Invoice date and Due date - QuickBooks 2016

Step 6:

● You will find a blank grid having columns like Items, descriptions, quantity etc.
● Select the item name from the item drop down list or click on “Address” option if a new item has to be added.
Enter the Quantity & price so that amount can be calculated.

Address -Invoice -QuickBooks 2016

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Step 7:

● Click on “Print” to take the print of the invoice.

Invoice -QuickBooks 2016

Step 8:

● Once the invoice is complete click on “save & close” button to save the record and come out of the invoice window.
● Click on “Save & New” button to save the record and create another invoice.


Thus, an invoice can be easily raised for the customer by following the above steps.

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