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How to Create an Accountant’s Copy in QuickBooks

Only the QuickBooks Administrator can create Accountant’s copy in QuickBooks. Apart from that, being in single-user mode is an essential requirement for doing this task.

Here are the Steps to Create Accountant’s Copy-

Step 1: Go to the File menu, select “Accountant’s Copy“, and then click on “Create Accountant’s Copy“.

Step 2: Now on the File menu > Accountant’s Copy, select “Client Activities“, and then click on “Create Accountant’s Copy“.

Step  3: Now Click Next button.

Step 4: After that, enter a “Dividing Date“. The date that divides the part of your company where you’ll be able to work on from the part of your accountant will work on is called dividing date.

Step 5: Click on Next.

Step 6: (This is Optional) You can change the filename that QuickBooks Accounting Solution suggests for your accountant’s copy.

Note: It is a must to have a .QBX extension for the file.

Step 7: (This is Optional) You can change the suggested location for your file.

Step 8: Now Click Save button.

Step 9: The QuickBooks application title bar will now show – Accountant’s Changes Pending.

Step 10: Now give the .QBX file to your accountant.

Step 11: You can continue working with your company data now.

You can follow these easy steps to create Accountant’s copy in QuickBooks.

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