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How to Create a Schedule in QuickBooks 2017

As QuickBooks 2017 for Desktop is almost here, there are multiple concerns bothering users. One of them is the procedure to create a schedule. In this blog post, we will learn how to do the same.

Starting Up with Schedule Creation

Creating a schedule is simple provided you set the desired settings and preferences in the correct manner. Let’s know the settings and preferences in detail first.

Initially, your Send Forms preferences need to be set up properly. This is a must to ensure that QuickBooks gets the information about the email account to be used for sending emails. You will be asked for the same when you are setting up schedule for the first time.

Secondly, you need to keep the “Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups” option unchecked. This option is available in General preferences. You may not be able to create a schedule in case this is enabled. Also, problems with add-on programs may be experienced too when this is enabled. So, you must turn this feature off.

Finally, always run QuickBooks in Single user mode.

Procedure to Create a Schedule

Having set up your preferences, you can proceed to creating a report schedule. It must be mentioned here that it’s possible to create multiple schedules with multiple reports along with scheduled reporting times. Scheduled Reports can be found in the Reports menu.

Let’s go through the procedure involved.

Step 1: Select Schedule Setup. This will display your memorized reports list. The reports in this case may be shown though in a bit different sequence compared to what is displayed in Memorized Report List itself. All reports in a report group shall display the group name.

Consider for example, Billed/Unbilled Hours report given below is in Professional Services report group. You can use Report Group dropdown list in order to filter the list and display just one report group. The date range column can’t be edited – on memorizing the report, this information is set.

QuickBooks Desktop 2017

Step 2: Next, you need to select reports that are to be included in this schedule. For this, check the box given on the report name’s left. The selected reports will be displayed in the list on right side.

Step 3: Click “Next” button. Also specify schedule characteristics. Make sure to assign a unique name to the schedule. Please note that the schedule name should not have special characters like slash (/). Using special characters would not allow you to proceed.

Procedure to Create a Schedule

Step 4: Prepare your email message next.

Click “Next” button -3

Do note that the attachments would necessarily require a password. These are suitably incorporated into PDF attachments. Never include password in email message. Make sure the password is conveyed to the recipient only.

Also note that the password will not be visible in Scheduled Report Center. So, it becomes a must for you to keep a track of it outside of this system.

Step 5: Finally, click Schedule button to save the schedule. You will be able to view this schedule in the Scheduled Report Center.

That’s how you can create a schedule in QuickBooks 2017.

We hope this blog post content provides the necessary QuickBooks support material for you on the topic of schedule creation in QuickBooks 2017.

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