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How is Hosted QuickBooks Beneficial for E-Commerce Businesses?

Trend of online shopping has become demanding in the last few decades. The facilities offered by virtual shops such as multiple payment options, discount offers, replacement/refund policies have succeeded to gain the trust of customers. Thus, e-commerce website has come into fashion.

Hosted QuickBooks beneficial for E-Commerce Businesses

The major benefit of an e-commerce website is that we do not require any sales staff or shop to sell our products. Moreover, we can do business across the globe. Although there are a number of benefits of e-commerce sites but they do have to face their own challenges.

The biggest challenge is to keep sales records and manage accounts. Here comes the ever reliable and most trusted business accounting solution – Hosted QuickBooks with Techarex Networks.

E-commerce businesses can benefit by Hosted QuickBooks in the following ways:


1. Fully Automated Hosted QuickBooks Synchronization with Sales

Online portals are usually integrated with payment gateways. This allows customers to make secure online payments. Now, comes the task of handling the accounting operations in business. We have two options.

One is the manual updating of accounts which is very tedious and causes delays while the other is the using QuickBooks hosting on the cloud and automate the transactions.

E-commerce platforms that are commonly in use such as Magento, Shopify are compatible with QuickBooks.

Hosted QuickBooks will provide anytime & anywhere access to your accounts and manage sales, refunds, and chargebacks, pending payments etc. Thus, you can synchronize your sales with accounts.

2. Inventory and Shipping Management from any location

Keeping track of inventory and shipping services is another challenge for E-commerce businesses.

Local needs of E-commerce sites can be satisfied from integrated Add-ons with desktop QuickBooks.

But it creates a complex scenario when it comes to shipping products globally from inventories at different locations. Here comes the role of hosted QuickBooks.

QuickBooks hosted on cloud enables different users to tie in and update the details instantly.

Admin can also keep a check on the user permissions with the real-time monitoring and control features, to ensure security.

3. Compatibility with Multiple Payment Options

QuickBooks is used to manage financial transactions as it can be integrated with credit cards and bank accounts.

It can resolve most of the issues with traditional methods of payments. But while dealing with online sales, there are few other factors that come into the scene.

There are few other online wallets that are most commonly used. These include Google Wallet, PayPal etc. QuickBooks supports all these options.

It is essential that QuickBooks take care of all the currencies across the globe because e-commerce business can have customers from any location all over the world.

Hence, dealing with different currencies will not create any issues as we have got QuickBooks as a service.

Thus, it is clear that e-commerce businesses can highly benefit by using Hosted QuickBooks.

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