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For the On-demand Economy, Intuit Canada Partner with Uber to Simplify Tax Filings

TORONTO, CANADA,  February 21, 2017: Today, Intuit Canada and Uber announced a national partnership. By that, Intuit inc. will deliver the financial and tax-time tools, resources and expertise in order to help the Canadians working in the increasing on-demand economy effortlessly track the finances and file their taxes.

The smartphone technology is definitely transforming the way people to get around town. Now, the passengers can just press a button and get a ride within minutes. It creates new, flexible work opportunities for the thousands of Canadians in the process.

The financial situation for the Uber partners is often quite differerent from the traditional employees. As the independent contractors, Uber partners need to understand the potential tax deductions, untangle co-mingled businesses & personal expenses and stay on top of bookkeeping.

According to Intuit’s findings, the average self-employed worker has more than thousand financial transactions per year, and still, one-third do not claim any business-related expenses that are available to them.

Filing a tax return can be a quite complicated task and also time-consuming but the technology and tools can help in making that process easier, especially when the earnings that are electronically tracked and easier to declare.

Like the other independent contractors, Uber partners are also responsible for tracking as well as reporting their own business expenses, such as annual gross fares, gas, tolls, mileage, and other expenses. To help Uber partners to navigate this, TurboTax company will offer tax expertise, such as:-

  • Tax Microsite – It is a source of tax tips and content. It includes information from the experts of TurboTax tax to educate the driver-partners and help them in using TurboTax to claim maximum tax refund that they deserve.
  • Comprehensive Help – Uber partners can get 24×7 answers to a lot of their tax related questions from a pool of experts and other contributors.
  • Easy CRA information transfer with Auto-Fill My Return – TurboTax allows the customers to import their official tax information instantly. For example, RRSP investment receipts, directly from their ‘CRA -My Account’ into their tax return quickly and efficiently.

According to Jeff Cates, president of Intuit Canada- both together, TurboTax and QuickBooks Self-Employed cater a powerful, simple and streamlined solution to the increasing number of Canadians who are working in the on-demand economy.

Intuit inc. is particularly positioned to provide the expert answers and support of the Uber driver-partners year-round. They are so much excited to partner with the Uber to help their driver-partners as it saves time and money.

To help the driver-partners stay organized, Intuit also offers QuickBooks Self-Employed. The users can snap and store the receipts, manage their expenses, invoices, and mileage all at one place. To help the Uber partners to prepare for the tax time, QuickBooks Self-Employed also provide:-

  • Mileage Tracking – To track the mileage automatically via a mobile phone and categorize the trips just with a swipe. QuickBooks Self-Employed also helps the users to identify the potential vehicle deductions and prepare for the tax time.
  • Expense Tracking – The business, as well as personal expenses are easily categorized by just swiping left or right in the mobile app, by making it easier and fast to track every potential deduction.
  • Receipt Capture – To take a photo of any receipt with the mobile app and link it to the appropriate expense.
  • Effortless invoicing – To create and send invoices effortlessly via the app on the go, and you can know when to follow up with the customers just by seeing when they’ve been viewed.

Ian Black, the regional general manager for Uber Canada said that we are always looking for the new ways to support the driver-partners to make their Uber experience as simple and easier as possible. He also said that, as the tax season approaches, ‘we are pleased to partner with the Intuit Canada, who can provide their tools, resources and the expertise to the driver-partners on managing their finances of self-employed business ‘.

With more than twenty years’ of experience helping the Canadians to confidently file their taxes and get all the money that they deserve.

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