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Explained: QuickBooks Advanced Reporting In Detail

Advanced reporting is required in QuickBooks since its basic reporting feature is very limited and under developed.

For Example, if you try to generate a commission report that fetches information from multiple tables, such as the customer, invoices, and invoice payments then you cannot achieve it with the basic reporting capabilities of QuickBooks.

Advanced Reporting was developed by Intuit for providing good reporting services.

Steps for Installing Advanced Reporting in QuickBooks

Step 1: Click on the “Report” Menu of QuickBooks.




Step 2: While selecting this option it is necessary for you to be in multi-user mode. The following setup screen will be displayed on your system.




Step 3: Another separate database is created by Advanced Reporting outside of the QuickBooks database itself. The data in your current file will be copied over the separate database as an initial setup.


Step 4: Wait after the installation is complete until you get the main window. My Custom Reports tab will initially be blank and you need to create and save a list of any report definitions. Report templates tab shows various existing reports created by QuickBooks.




The screen below shows the rest of the report list, including a “start from scratch” option.


Quickbooks advanced reporting


This allows to modify an existing report or “roll your own”.


Steps for Working with Reports


Step 1:        Let’s take an example of “inventory stock status by item” report. Scroll the cursor in the template list and click on the report name. The report will be opened in an editor window.


QuickBooks Enterprise


Step 2:        You need to scroll down in order to view the complete report. The Report is made of  a group of “objects”. Right click on the property list of every “object” .Move the cursor to the popup menu and select properties.


Sheet Properties QuickBooks


Step 3:        Sort the records as shown in the figure.


QuickBooks Advanced Reporting


Step 4:        Reports can be modified by adding objects in it.


Step 5:        We can also use objects to modify reports. You can create a report from scratch. Select the chart and add the “sales (last 12 Months)” chart.


QuickBooks Enterpriose Advanced Reporting 1.3


Step 6:         Current Selection utility object can also be added to the report. Then add a Customer: Jobs list box object. In order to filter the report by customer clicks on any customer.


QuickBooks Advanced Reporting


Printing Reports


Move to the print icon in the toolbar.


Inventory Stock Status




Search for the printer option in the upper right corner of the chart object.


QuickBooks Advanced Reporting software


The report will be printed as shown below. Note that the report titles will be missing in such cases.


Report Title missing


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