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How E-commerce Businesses Can Benefit From QuickBooks Hosting?

Over the past few years, e-commerce has gained tremendous popularity and the same is evident from the growing number of online shoppers. Indeed e-commerce has provided merchants with the robust platform to sell their products easily with simplified store management.

Sales tracking is one of the biggest challenges in the way of e-commerce merchants. QuickBooks, one of the most popular accounting software, offers the most reliable way to do the same. Hosting QuickBooks in Cloud allows simplifying several accounting requirements related to e-commerce websites.

benefit from QuickBooks Hosting

In this blog post, we will take into account the different ways in which QuickBooks hosting benefits e-commerce businesses.

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Syncing with Sales Much Simpler

Updating sales manually consumes considerable amount of time that may delay the accounting operations. Alternatively, to make the process more easy-going, you can go for QuickBooks Cloud Hosting as it will automate the transaction updates.

Magento, Shopify and several other e-commerce platforms are fully compatible with QuickBooks. So, you will be able to view a sequential display of all transactions that have taken place over a specific period of time. Moreover, with anytime, anywhere access feature of hosted QuickBooks, merchants can access the data related to transactions with ease.

Cost Savings and Better Security

With QuickBooks hosted in Cloud, e-commerce businesses save a considerable portion of manpower costs that would be otherwise spent in re keying the data from your existing accounting software to the deployed E-commerce platform. Moreover, due to automatic handling of transactions from one system to the other, there is higher reassurance of data integrity. It ultimately eliminates the chances of any sorts of inside frauds.

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Shipping and Inventory Management Simplified

E-commerce businesses find it a tedious task to manage shipping and local inventory simultaneously. Though local needs can be served with the add-ons that come integrated with QuickBooks, meeting the global requirements poses a challenge always. Businesses that have inventories at various locations and need to ship products globally have to face more complex situation altogether.

In such a case, QuickBooks hosting proves to be extremely handy as it allows businesses to track inventory from any location. Merchants can track their inventories in real time thus overruling any chances of overstocking or completely running out of stock.

That’s how hosted QuickBooks can help e-commerce businesses to perform better. Overall, it’s the exceptional features of QuickBooks hosted on Cloud that helps online merchants. So, it’s highly recommended to get the accounting software hosted on Cloud.

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