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Dedicated QuickBooks Hosting Vs Shared QuickBooks Hosting : Pros and Cons

Are you searching for QuickBooks cloud hosting provider? You need to first decide a type of hosting plan you require to implement. Although, it seems to be a simple decision but you have to be careful about the pros and cons of the type of hosting plan.

Depending on your company’s present and future requirements, as well as your budget you can always switch plans if your QuickBooks hosting service provider has scalability options.

Here we will discuss the Pros and Cons of dedicated and shared QuickBooks hosting so that you can get an idea of which type of hosting plan is best fits for your company.

1. Shared QuickBooks Hosting

Shared QuickBooks hosting is simply when multiple QuickBooks applications are hosted on a single server.

It means that multiple QuickBooks applications and data will be together on one server with other QuickBooks applications of other industries that have signed shared hosting contracts with the same service provider.

This is a little bit cheaper solution for you because instead of having a server dedicated just to your company, you are sharing the resources with other industries, thus increasing the amount of clientele the company can take on depending on limited server space.

Sharing server means that you will share the resources on that server like bandwidth, database, email accounts, FTP accounts and other space on the server.

Pros of Shared QuickBooks Hosting

  • Remarkably affordable because the resources of the server are shared, meaning the hosting provider can give discounts to users
  • Perfect for small businesses accounting software such as QuickBooks
  • All technical issues with server are taken care of by the hosting provider, it means that you can just focus on running your business and optimizing your website.
  • No need for prior knowledge about Windows or Android or Mac.
  • No need for any administrators since user interfaces such as panel makes it easy to manage your own application.3
  • Although the server is shared, email notifications will go to your domain name
  • You can have more than one database.

Cons of Shared QuickBooks Hosting

  • Limited security features due to server shared by various users, but this is can be tackled easily by provisioning user level, device level and file level access restrictions.
  • Can be prone to hacking if security architecture not created according to the best security standards and practices
  • Cannot run any other software programs or utilities other than the ones each supported or provided by the QuickBooks hosting Service provider.
  • Hosted QuickBooks can be slow if you have a lot of data because there are other QuickBooks applications running on the server. But this is easily tackled by the superior infrastructure used by leading providers which can provide more capacity than a normal PC.
  • Servers can get overloaded and freeze up the application. But it entirely depends on individual service provider.


2. Dedicated QuickBooks Hosting

Dedicated QuickBooks hosting is simply when a single QuickBooks application is hosted on a single server for your company.

Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of dedicated QuickBooks Hosting.

Pros of Dedicated QuickBooks Hosting

  • Faster speed, connectivity and upload time.
  • It has the Ability to manage large amounts of traffic without interrupting service.
  • There are more storage and data options.
  • Full control of your own server.
  • Increased security and difficult to hack, making this ideal for industries with lots of customer information or large corporate accounts.
  • It has the ability to run software and utilities of your own selection.
  • The Control panel of dedicated server has more features giving you a greater amount of control.

Cons of Dedicated QuickBooks Hosting

  • Raised price than shared servers.
  • Need administrator to control the server so prior knowledge is also required.
  • Diagnostics of a problem and its resolution is more difficult.

Thus, both of the hosting plans have certain advantages and disadvantages. You need to decide line comes which plan is a better fit for your company, your skill set and your overall budget.

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