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Converting Inventory from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online – Salient Points Discussed

Are you planning to convert QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online? Well, this is great news as it is now possible after Intuit has improved the process.  In this blog, we will focus on the points to consider while converting from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online. If you want to track the items in the inventory, you need to have a subscription set up for QuickBooks online plus.

Here is a list of some of the points to consider before converting from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online plus –

  • If the user has an account already, it is possible to convert the desktop data to the online version within the first 2 months of the subscription.
  • After this conversion, the user can overwrite any existing data in the existing QuickBooks online file and not update it.
  • The user needs to login as Admin user in QuickBooks desktop
  • If the user is converting to an existing quickbooks hosting service online company, you need to have administrator level permissions.
  • In case the user has enabled the multi currency feature in the QuickBooks desktop file, it is not possible to convert it into QuickBooks Online.
  • Intuit’s support site says that you cannot convert a QuickBooks desktop file that has more than 350,000 “Targets.” I thought that someone at Intuit had told me that this is no longer a limit, but I can’t tell if that is the case or not. To know how many “Targets” you have, open your desktop file and press the F2 key (or Ctrl-1). “Total Targets” is one of the values listed on the left of the Product Information window that opens.
  • You want to be sure that your desktop file is clean and error-free before converting. Perform a “verify” of the file first, to see if it is OK.

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