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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting: Important Considerations for Small & Medium Businesses

Among the various business accounting software available nowadays, QuickBooks is indeed the most popular one due to its robust features that make bookkeeping simpler like never before. Most complex accounting processes can be tuned down to much simpler forms by deploying QuickBooks.

Hosting QuickBooks with a third party hosting company offers a number of benefits and that’s the reason why global businesses have taken this path. In this blog post, we will analyze the various considerations that need to be taken into account while going for QuickBooks hosting.

What’s Right for Me – QuickBooks Online or Hosted QuickBooks?

Initially, QuickBooks desktop used to be the sole yet the most effective option for users due to its ease-of-usage and other exceptional features.

Later, QuickBooks Online came into existence that was merely the Cloud based version of the accounting software but varied slightly from the desktop version in terms of UI and available features.

Compared to QuickBooks Online, hosting QuickBooks on third party Cloud servers comes out as a much useful option for users. It is due to the reason that QuickBooks Cloud hosting allows you to leverage the maximum features of desktop version which are rather restricted in the Online version.

So, if you are confused about which option to go for, then comparatively, hosted QuickBooks comes out as the most preferred option providing you all the advantages of hosting while including the maximum features of the desktop version.

What’s the Impact of Upgrading QuickBooks to the Cloud?

Definitely, QuickBooks on Cloud brings with it several benefits, the first & foremost of which is anywhere, anytime access. It simply means that you can access your QuickBooks accounting software irrespective of where you are located using the device of your choice.

Automatic updates are done to the software that relieves you of doing it on your own.

Moreover, you have your QuickBooks available all the time with full uptime assurance from the service provider.

Most importantly, you get expert technical support from QuickBooks experts to keep your accounting software up & running throughout. You may have to train your staff on the correct Cloud practices though when you opt for hosting your QuickBooks on Cloud.

How Crucial is selecting the Right QuickBooks Hosting Company?

Well, that’s the most crucial decision that can either make or ruin your QuickBooks experience. You need to evaluate the competency of your service provider based on a number of parameters like experience, availability and technical support. Pricing is another factor to consider; however, this should be of the least importance.

These are some of the most crucial considerations that need to be made while going for QuickBooks hosting; no matter whether you require QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting or want the same for Pro and Premier. And we believe organizations should confidently plan their accounting system movement to the cloud because, moving your accounting software has more advantages which completely shadow  the disadvantages if any.

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