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Best Construction Accounting Software -QuickBooks 2018

Companies grow well when they are able to focus on their core areas. And the same applies for construction companies.  It is important for the construction companies to keep a track of their projects and automate their accounting and finance management processes.

Constructions companies mostly rely on excel sheets or QuickBooks accounting software to manage their accounting operations. QuickBooks is an easy-to use accounting software and its analytics-based finance reports and dashboard help the construction companies to be updated with important data without having to put in a lot of efforts in managing data.

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If a construction company plans to use construction management software to streamline its construction related process as well, it is essential to evaluate software which is easy to integrate to QuickBooks. You don’t want to be entering data at two places and to manage separate systems.

In this blog post, we discuss 6 leading construction software’s that ease your search for the right construction software that are compatible with QuickBooks application. Let’s begin.

Smart Contractor

Smart Contractor is comprehensive software that includes project management, customer relationship management and estimation along with all aspects of construction management.

It easily integrates with QuickBooks and manage end-to-end accounting like bank reconciliation, general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, check printing and payroll.

It allows automation of all accounting related tasks allowing small and medium organizations to  focus on their core business areas.


BuildStar is an enterprise online solution for the construction management company which adapts to needs of different construction companies via its template-driven capability.

It provides multiple built-in reports. Its main features include estimation of construction jobs, subcontractor and supplier management, change order management and bid management.

BuildStar can be smoothly integrated with QuickBooks and it also provides options to sync transactions and accounts from QuickBooks General Ledger.

eConstruction from Epitome

Epitome’s eConstruct is a software package which is especially developed for construction based industries.

This software package makes management of contracts and quotations, documents and images, vendors and subcontractors an easy to do task.

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With multiple built-in reports, eConstruct provides insights into variances between budgeted and actual cost. It also provides cost-to-complete report for each project and job along with cash flow reports and much more.

By integrating eConstruct with QuickBooks Hosting, you can define the material purchase flow and inventory management and automate it at all levels. By eConstruct integration with QuickBooks, you can also manage costs and accounts as well.


Crecon is cloud-based construction software, which is completely integrable with all QuickBooks versions – Pro, Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise , Online and Hosted.

With its dashboard features it enables construction business owners to view cost, analyze it, and manage loan amounts and resource costs.

It also allows easy estimate management, tracking of actual expenditure and automation of multiple related operations to ease the hectic life of a construction business owner.


Paskr is the most comprehensive construction software. It is specifically designed to cut down your manual efforts so that you can spend more time at construction sites rather than at your office.

Paskr is an one-stop destination for all your construction requirements. And at the best of all, it smoothly integrates with QuickBooks and easily automate your all accounting needs.

By integrating Paskr with QuickBooks, you can also manage construction contracts, project plans, bids and quotations in a go.

UDA Construction Suite

This Software is best suited for growing construction organizations. Through this software, you can manage all important activities from one application – estimation, contract and document management, scheduling and planning.

This software comes with a  setup wizard, which enables easy integration with QuickBooks. The import/export features of this software enable users to manage estimates, purchase and sales orders and generate invoices.

The built-in budget vs. actual feature of this software makes it easy for business owners to know where is the cost is headed and calculate their profits.

The Way Ahead

Both construction related operations or accounting cannot be or rather should not be managed in silos and also shouldn’t be taken care of by ‘any software’.

All the above mentioned softwares provide features that cater to construction industry and integrate with QuickBooks accounting software as well, thus making it a complete package.

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