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Annoyed With QuickBooks Problems? Try These 5 Free Tools

While using any software you can suddenly encounter different errors and problems. And, QuickBooks is no exception. You may witness errors in opening or using QuickBooks due to several reasons.

Well, on any normal business day, a single problem in QuickBooks is a reason to worry. But, if you are hosting your QuickBooks in a cloud, then you may get 24/7 support to fix any errors.

In case, if you have a technical expertise, then there are other ways as well to fix QuickBooks errors. There are free tools that you can use to diagnose and troubleshoot QuickBooks problems.

In this blog post, we will briefly discuss top 5 free tools that you must have to get seamless and error-free QuickBooks experience.

1. QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

QuickBooks consists of several Microsoft components, such as Microsoft C++, Microsoft MSXML and Microsoft.NET Framework.

When any of these components get damaged or stop working, then your QuickBooks will not run in a normal way.

To diagnose and repair QuickBooks components you can use QuickBooks Component Repair Tool and, easily identify and repair damaged QuickBooks components.

2. QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

You may witness errors, such as Error 1603, 1935 or 1722 while installing QuickBooks. Such errors are due to problems in Microsoft.NET Framework.

To fix these errors, you can run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool. QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool diagnoses and repairs all the files of Microsoft.NET.

Intuit keeps on updating QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, so before using this tool, it is advisable to always check and download its latest version only.

3. QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

QuickBooks File Doctor tool is the most comprehensive tool that you can use to troubleshoot several QuickBooks problems, such as network setup problem, window setup problem, and data or file corruption.

Like QuickBooks Diagnostic Repair tool, Intuit also updates this tool as well. And, therefore, it is important to check, download and use only the latest version of this tool.

It is also important to note that this tool works specifically with QuickBooks US edition.

4. QuickBooks PDF Repair Tool

Many a time, you may not be able to use PDF driver of QuickBooks. Due to problems in PDF Driver, you may not be able to create PDF copies of sale invoice, receipts or bank reconciliation.

To fix errors in QuickBooks PDF Driver, you need to run QuickBooks Repair Tool. This tool also helps you to resolve different errors pertaining to MSXML problems, printer ports, QBPrint File and more.

5. Reboot.bat

Reboot.bat is a simple batch file that QuickBooks installs on your computer. At times, when you are unable to smoothly run QuickBooks, you can use Reboot.bat to fix any issue, which is due to problems in Microsoft component.

With Reboot.bat, you can easily re-register damaged or broken QuickBooks Microsoft components.


Like any other software, you may face problems or errors while using QuickBooks as well. These free QuickBooks tools help you in fixing QuickBooks problems without wasting any penny and time.

However, if you want to fully concentrate on your core business goal and be free from any technical glitch, then it is advisable to get QuickBooks Hosting Solutions. With QuickBooks hosting, you get round the clock technical support, and that too free of cost.

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