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Advantages Of QuickBooks Hosting compared To QuickBooks Desktop

For years, QuickBooks has been the most demanding and favorite accounting software for bookkeepers & accountants. Due to its versatile features, it has become the foremost accounting software and now businesses are approaching the companies providing such solutions at an affordable price.

As per the experts and their reports, it is quite beneficial to invest in QuickBooks cloud as compared to downloadable versions of desktop QuickBooks. In fact, among the cloud versions too, the user gets two choices- QuickBooks online by Intuit’s and other one is QuickBooks desktop hosting with the third party service providers such as Techarex networks.

Advantages of QuickBooks hosting over QuickBooks desktop

  1. Faster downloading

The size of QuickBooks Desktop setup is more than 500 MBs. Hence, if you choose a desktop version, there may be a chance of slow downloading due to bad internet connection.

Later on, more time is consumed in extraction and installation processes. Further, you need to customize the settings and then start the program. Then you need to repeat the same process for all the systems in order to work on QuickBooks. In spite of this, hosted QuickBooks takes just 10 minutes or less to complete the job.

  1. Accessible by multiple users

With QuickBooks hosting, multiple users can access the software at a time and that too from different locations.

In fact, for the best collaboration, the users can use multiple devices and connect with each other. The collaboration feature ensures the swifter working and monitoring on the files.

Else, in its absence, you will need to install it in every system and so it would not be accessible from multiple locations.

QuickBooks hosting lets you enjoy the services by simply entering your credentials. It provides you with the freedom of geographical mobility and multiple-device compatibility resulting in increased business productivity.

  1. Better add-ons Support

QuickBooks is provided with a number of features to deliver ease and effectiveness with the operations.

There are a number of add-ons that the user can integrate with QuickBooks networks for more accurate and efficient results for the business.

Using these add-ons on the desktop version may affect the work and put a burden on the hardware of the computer. Such issues do not arise with QuickBooks hosting.

  1. Easy to manage and maintain

The complexities of the Bookkeeping for the businesses keeps on growing with time. Additionally, you need to keep the older invoices, statements etc. safe and secure.

It makes it easy to manage invoices, statements and other essentials related to bookkeeping. QuickBooks hosting comes with automated bills and invoices feature that remove hassles during the job.

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