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5 Most Important Considerations For Choosing A QuickBooks Hosting Provider

QuickBooks is a complete package bundled with a number of featuresfor small & medium accounting businesses.

Among the several features of the robust accounting software, the most-discussed-about have been its ease of deployment, compatibility with other software, ability to simplify bookkeeping tasks and easy track of the accounting business.

Choose QuickBooks for your accounting business :

Choose QuickBooks Hosting for your accounting business  Choosing QuickBooks for your is a decision that you may take pride in; however, selecting the wrong service provider for hosting the accounting software may be a decision causing you to repent later.

Surely, choosing the correct QuickBooks Hosting provider may seem to be quite challenging. However, you can always take the right & more informed decision by considering few crucial factors as mentioned below –

Advanced Security

Hosting your critical accounting data in the Cloud may not be that easy-going for most accounting businesses due to different security concerns.

So, it becomes a must to investigate deep into the security standards being maintained by the service provider to remove all elements of doubt.

Check if the service provider especially adheres to SAS 70 security standards, besides complying with other security standards as well.

Take into deep consideration all the physical & virtual security measures as adopted by the service provider in their data centers.

Uptime Assurance

Degraded or poor server performance may lead to reduced or almost no access to your QuickBooks data and in such case you may have to face the trouble of contacting the service provider again & again to get things up & running.

To avoid such a situation, you need to ensure that the service provider houses technically advanced servers in its data centers that ensure absolute uptime throughout, thus facilitating the constant availability of your QuickBooks software.

Servers hosting your QuickBooks should be fast enough to avoid consuming time while updating transactional information. Also, ensure that the servers’ location keeps it unharmed from the effect of calamities.

Data Backup Facility

Make sure that your QuickBooks Premier Hosting Service Provider maintains copies of your data at remote servers; thus ensuring that your entire critical data is not lost due to system failure or any calamity.

It ensures that your accounting data is recoverable from the remote servers until the time of end checkpoint in the database.

So, you will not face any trouble related data loss as the same will get recovered as soon as any unusual data loss event occurs.

Optimum Scalability

By the end of financial year, your accounting business demands may change; thus causing you to adopt a different usage pattern altogether.

Make sure your service provider offers the scalability that allows you make changes as per your business requirements.

For example, users can manage multiple licenses of the software if their QuickBooks hosting service provider offers scalable plans.

Full Technical Support

At any time, when you face any trouble with your accounting software, you need to have professional assistance by your side.

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Hence, make sure that your QuickBooks hosting company provides round-the-clock support for all your issues via different modes like chat, mail, and call.

Always assign high importance to the quality of support as extended by the service provider.

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