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4 Steps for Preparing your QuickBooks Company File for Time Tracking Reports

The fiscal year in the United States starts from 1st Jan of every year .It is the twelve-month period that an organization uses for budgeting, forecasting and reporting. Hence, most of the companies make changes to their accounting software and payroll providers on the same day.

If companies switch to QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise, and/or QuickBooks Payroll then they need a way to import their time activities to QuickBooks.

They can process payroll in QuickBooks by Transaction Pro Importer (“TPI”).

The motive of this post is to help you to make sure that your QuickBooks company file is properly set up to allow for time tracking imports.

The step by step process to get this done with ease is described below:

Step 1: Ensure You Have a QuickBooks Payroll Subscription

The foremost step is to be sure that you are subscribed to QuickBooks Payroll subscription.

Step 2: Set-up Employee and Payroll Items

The next step is to set up employees and their payroll items. TPI helps in searching the employees with their name or employee Id. If TPI search by name,

TPI looks for the name that matches in the employee list. For instance, Charles is not the same as Saren Charles.

You can easily change the way names are displayed in the employee list in QuickBooks Preferences. Refer to the screenshot below:

Set-up Employee and Payroll Items

In case, an export file with an employee number is provided by the time tracking application, user can populate this number in the employee Id field on the employee information tab. (Refer the screen below).

time tracking application

Step 3: Ensure Employee entry check-boxes are checked before importing

The next step is to make sure that all employees for whom you are importing time have their corresponding box checked. You can use time data to create paychecks.

QuickBooks Company file for time tracking reports

Step 4: Allow Access To Critical Data While Establishing Connection

While connecting TPI to QuickBooks, ensure that you allow access to critical data during the process of going through the application certificate. In case, you did not grant this access originally while setting up TPI, you can still change this in QuickBooks preferences.

 connecting TPI to QuickBooks

These were the steps to be followed for successfully preparing the QuickBooks company file for time tracking import.

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