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7 Reasons Why QuickBooks Desktop Hosting Will Flourish in the Days to Come

In recent few months, several articles have been written saying that QuickBooks Desktop is DEAD. And, in next five years or so Intuit will discontinue its QuickBooks Desktop products.

Industry experts have also emphasized that QuickBooks online accountant solutions will take over QuickBooks Desktop Hosting.

They also added several reasons to validate their point, such as increasing demand for mobile technology, globalization and more.

Undoubtedly, Intuit has been focusing on QuickBooks online products, and the reason is quite obvious high revenue generation.

By offering QuickBooks enterprise online and other online QuickBooks products, it is easy for Intuit to maintain and support them without the interference or need of any third-party.

However, keeping all these points aside, as of now is it right and sensible to say that QuickBooks Desktop is really dead or in any case, it is dying a slow death?

My answer is a big NO. QuickBooks Desktop products will, in fact, continue to grow.

In this blog post, we will discuss 7 hard-hitting reasons due to which QuickBooks Desktop will be a viable and will keep on growing.

1.  No Tangible Way to Migrate

QuickBooks Desktop has existed for a long, and there are several small and medium business enterprises that are still using QuickBooks Desktop.

The primary reason due to which CPAs and Bookkeepers are staying on the desktop side is the absence of a tangible mechanism for migrating from desktop to online.

2.  High Risk and Expense for Migration

There are high-security risks and cost that one has to go through for migrating from QuickBooks desktop to online. There are risks such as data loss, lack of support and need for future migration. In case, you are using QuickBooks desktop, it is much easier for you to move to any QuickBooks hosting providers, but in case of QuickBooks online, this is quite difficult.

To add on, the cost of migrating from QuickBooks desktop to online is quite expensive as well, due to which small and medium-sized businesses are hesitant to make this move.

3.  Unmatched Reliability

QuickBooks Desktop hosting provides many reliable solutions than QuickBooks Online. If you are availing QuickBooks desktop hosting, then your QuickBooks data is always backed up and kept in safe data centers every 24 hours.

While, with QuickBooks Online, there is a chance of data loss and theft due to adversities, such as cyber attack, server breakdown or natural breakdown, etc.

4.  Uncompromised Security

If you use QuickBooks Online, then your data are always prone to risks and there is always a chance that your business may face unwanted circumstances such as data loss.

However, if you opt for QuickBooks desktop hosting services, then your data are always kept safe and secure with the Tier I or II security compliance.

5.  Zero Downtime

If you avail QuickBooks online, then many a time you may be forced to experience downtime due to internal maintenance activities.

But, if you use QuickBooks desktop hosting services from a reliable QuickBooks hosting service provider, then you get a guarantee of zero downtime and 99.9 percent uptime.

6.  24/7 Support

One of the major advantages of QuickBooks desktop hosting that will keep QuickBooks desktop flourishing is the all-round support that you get.

In any circumstance, if you have any query or issue related to the functioning of QuickBooks, then there is a guaranteed support mechanism available just a call away.

7.  Higher ROI

In comparison with QuickBooks Online, services that you get by QuickBooks Desktop hosting is largely similar. However, the only difference is that you get same services as of QuickBooks Online with QuickBooks Desktop hosting at a much lower cost, which ultimately helps you achieve higher ROI.


Due to these 7 reasons, QuickBooks Desktop hosting is very much alive and in coming days, it will keep on flourishing. The features of QuickBooks Desktop hosting, such as easy scalability, higher security and affordability are the primary factors that will matter more for small and medium-sized businesses in the days to come.

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