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Why Hosting with QuickBooks is the Right way to Do Accounting

Accounting no doubt is among the many industries that has preferred working mostly in the traditional way. Unlike many fast-paced industries accounting adapted to technology quiet late. And most of the accounting firms still are more comfortable with desktop versions of their accounting software, and look at cloud-based software with doubts.

Having said the above there are also many technology embracing accounting firms that have adapted to hosted accounting software for the immense benefits that they bring for organizations of all types.

Among the plethora of cloud-hosted accounting software, QuickBooks hosted accounting software emerges as the leader and the most trusted solution. Preferred by many accounting firms and other industry leaders QuickBooks hosted solution allows automation of day-to-day accounts management, recording of transactions, bank reconciliation and much more with the desired security while catering to easy accessibility needs.

Let’s look at some more points on why is QuickBooks hosting the smart way to do accounting.

1. Access from anywhere, at anytime : Quickbooks Hosting

Unlike traditional QuickBooks desktop, hosted accounting software allows access from anywhere and through any device. Users don’t have to worry about being connected while on the move on as they literally carry their offices with them. All they need is an internet connection and they can access the system with a login to the URL. Also alerts can be defined on the personalized dashboard to get notifications on critical data, wherever they are.

2. Security

Security as part of the services provided for hosted application gets a lot of focus from the hosted application provider. For QuickBooks hosting service provider it is security with expert planning! Compared to a single desktop machine that can be broken into or may crash, etc. with QuickBooks hosted application, your data is secure 10 times at secure data servers and with multiple layers of encryption.

3. Disaster Management and Recovery

QuickBooks enterprise hosting service takes multiple rounds of back-ups weekly to keep you up and running even in case of a disaster. Multiple data servers ensure that even if one is hit with a natural disaster, the others will ensure support for businesses to run their day without hiccups. Need not be mentioned that the desktops on the other hand won’t be able to stand any disaster and the backup you will take will be max on another desktop or a drive – won’t do good.

4. Central Data Repository

Do you face challenges in ensuring all your team members at different or even same location use the most updated file and everyone refers to the latest documents etc? Well a common problem with desktop users.

Centralized data with customized access roles provided by QuickBooks hosted accounting application takes care of this. Your entire team accesses the same data, and refers to latest updated sheets and much more – thus keeping all of them on the same page.

To Conclude…

QuickBooks hosting is the right way to do accounting and work tension-free. As QuickBooks takes care of security, backup, data migration from your traditional desktops to hosted applications at a nominal cost, the only thing left for you is to be ready to experience working in the Cloud!

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