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Top 10 QuickBooks Add-Ons for Small Business

Add-ons are applications attached to your main software which helps to enhance the performance by providing some specific features. Everyone has their own requirements for the software and that can be fulfilled by add-ons, also known as plug-ins. Following is the list of 10 most useful and interesting QuickBooks add ons you may consider for your business:

1. ACCTivate: Being considered as the most versatile application for inventory, it deserves to be the first on the list. It embellishes QuickBooks with some very good features like project tracking, and real-time collaboration. It gives you the power to the accountants to do all the necessary work they have to do with inventory.

2. SmartVault: SmartVault is an online storage area where you can store any kind of documents such as invoices, bills, records etc. Since the storage is online, you can access the documents anytime, anywhere.

3. Result CRM: This add-on is a business suite which helps you manage the expense and revenue tracking reports, relationships and contact with clients, marketing campaign and so on. It is an easy-to-use QuickBooks add-on with so many exciting features.

4. Transaction Pro Importer: It may happen that the client you are working with does not use QuickBooks. In that case, he/she may send the reports to you in excel file. Now to convert them into QB file, you can use this add-on. It also allows you to edit/delete data.

5. Data Transfer Utility: This add-on offers a service to transfer the data from one QuickBooks file to another. It also provides emerging and deleting the data along with the facility of data addition into multiple files.

6. XpandedReports: An add-on whose functionality starts from where the QuickBooks’ reporting functionality stops. If you have felt any kind of limitations in QuickBooks reporting, you should give this a try. XpandedReports have come with the feature which allows you to add the report directly to SmartVault. This will keep you from the additional worry of saving your work explicitly.

7. ExpenseWatch: Running a small business means you have to control your expense as much as possible. ExpenseWatch is an add-on which can help you proficiently in doing that. It simplifies the transactions such as bills, payrolls, reimbursements etc. In an easily readable format.

8. BillQuick: For a small business, some of your clients would be fixed. You may spend much time filling up the same details again and again. But after integrating BillQuick with QuickBooks can save your precious time. Also, it reduces the chances of data redundancy.

9. Avalara: Tax is an important and integrated part of any business. And when the business is operating within complex tax jurisdictions, it is difficult to manage that. To make the work easy, we have an add-on called Avalara. This is the plug-in having a strong trust base when it comes to tax management.

10. Bill & Pay: Last but the most admired add-on. It helps the user in payment collection, deposit making, invoice and various other purposes. Bill & Pay ease the work of accepting the online payments from various methods such as Credit Card, PayPal, and ACH etc.

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What are your favorite QuickBooks add-ons? Let us know in the comments below.

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