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Managing Home Business Accounting with QuickBooks Hosting

Starting a home business is never easy. You have to manage many things by yourself; production, marketing, hiring, accounting and so on. In addition to that, you have only limited resources to work with. One can’t afford to lose too much on the employees in a small or home business. You need to have a fair idea about how to manage all these issues together. Sometimes, you have to handle more than one department by yourself.


For other general aspects of home business, you may have to hire someone capable enough. But thanks to QuickBooks, accounting is not one of them. Using QuickBooks, even a person from a non-commerce background can handle accounting with ease. That means, you also can manage your all accounting data irrespective of your knowledge about it.

SMEs Use QuickBooks

Most of the home business or even SMEs use QuickBooks. It is the worldwide accepted accounting software which helps you organize your business well. Invoicing, tracking, deposit, payments all the things you can do it efficiently and easily using QuickBooks. QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online are good in their own way but the hosted version on the cloud has its own credibility. That’s why many ISPs want to get authorized as QuickBooks host by Intuit.

Here are Some Benefits of Hosted QuickBooks you can be Attracted of:

• If you are working on the hosted network, you don’t have to explicitly install the software on your system. Your host will do it for you. You just have to open a web browser on any gadget; any system and you will be able to do your work efficiently.

• When you are working with a host, the data handling is not your responsibility. You can free from the worry of data being lost. Your host takes care of all that. And that too, in a cheap cost as compared to a separate IT unit.

Hosted QuickBooks gives you the access to make your business reaching all over the world. You can sell things and collect payment.


• QuickBooks can track payment and also reminds you about the deadline for collecting or paying the amount. It also has the option of Gmail invoicing. So you can send your invoice via Gmail to your client.

• Although, QuickBooks has a general set of functionalities; it also offers some add-ons which makes it more user specific. You can download plug-ins as per your requirements.

• QuickBooks gives you the data in the tabular and graphical form. And this is too easy to understand even for a novice in the field.

• An employee of yours can also work from the abroad country if the software is available on the cloud. And this is one of the biggest benefits cloud hostings provides.


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