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Why CPAs Love to Manage QuickBooks Accounting on the Cloud?

Having multi-million subscribers worldwide, QuickBooks is the world leader in accounting service. The way QuickBooks’ every version has gained popularity is phenomenal.

Intuit has designed QuickBooks in such a way that every accountant, every bookkeeper, and even owners can easily rely on them. In the age of information and technology, the world is getting narrower. To stay always one up over its competitors, Intuit launched the online Version of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Online: Benefits and Drawbacks

QuickBooks online has several benefits as well as certain drawbacks as compared to the previous desktop versions. It assures the connectivity in the business. You can work with your clients worldwide. It even offers the security and backup which were not available in the offline version.

But at the same time, the user experience was completely different as compared to the desktop versions which became the reason behind the sluggish shift of the users towards the online version.

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So as an intermediate plan, Intuit decided to make it available on the cloud. You must be amazed but accountants and other concerned people find it quite useful. Because it has the environment of the desktop with features of online.

So, they are enjoying these two flavors at the same time. And this is one of the very reasons of why CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) are attracted to QuickBooks cloud-based service.

QuickBooks Offers

With growing advances in technology and varied requirement on account front, the demand of CPAs has also changed significantly. As others, they also have started doing work from any corner of the world. And as always the credit goes to QuickBooks. The cloud-based platform that QuickBooks offers, helps you access your data from anywhere, anytime. Plus it also saves the changes you make. Therefore, if the electricity goes or the servers crash or any other such scenarios come up, your work will always be saved.

Working with an international firm helps you understand the international laws and economy which is a great opportunity for a CPA because of companies in the current time, look for the person who can help them make their firm standout.

An issue the CPAs were facing before this cloud-based service was dealing with software updates/upgrades and security patches.

Whenever there was a new update, they had to pass through the tiresome process of updating the software and it even took a lot of productive time of theirs. Not only that, they even had to purchase the upgrade in order to use it. Now on the cloud, things are always in auto-update mode. You just have to give the permission with a good internet connection to update it.

Nowadays the companies look for the accountant which does not have only accounting skills. They also demand at least some basic IT skills which could be helpful to the firm in implementing advanced systems and working in a totally online environment. So performing work in QuickBooks Cloud would be a great learning experience for a CPA.

As a CPA, you can always rely on QuickBooks and other solutions offered by Intuit for handling your accounting needs.

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