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How to Open QuickBooks Company File Located on the Remote Computer?

Alex, using QuickBooks Desktop Pro encountered a major trouble while trying to access QuickBooks company file on his remote computer from a host computer via the internet. We guided Alex with the most comprehensive and simple troubleshooting steps.

Time and again, our QuickBooks Support Desk receives similar calls from QuickBooks users stating they are unable to access their QuickBooks company file.

To help  QuickBooks users fix this problem, we have, therefore, decided to produce this article. This article informs you about easy to use DIY steps to access the QuickBooks company file located on the remote computer.

7 DIY Steps to Follow for Accessing QuickBooks Company File

1. Verify

If you are unable to access QuickBooks company file then, it is important to verify if the Folder where the Company File is stored is properly shared or not.

2. Set-up Multi-user Mode

It is important to ensure that all the computers that will access QuickBooks company file should be set-up in a multi-user mode.

3. Get Access to QuickBooks Desktop Server

To get access to QuickBooks company file, it is important to get prior access to QuickBooks desktop server.

4. Connect all Computers to Same Network

If you want access to QuickBooks company file, it is important to ensure that all computers including the server should be connected to the same network. It is also important to check that server and the host computer is mapped as a network drive to every individual workstation.

(Note: This step is required only if you are using QuickBooks on a hosted environment. If you are using QuickBooks via the cloud server then, you just need internet connectivity)

5. Set QuickBooks Desktop Login Credentials

Before you try to access and work on the company file, it is important to set QuickBooks Desktop username and password.

6. Turn On Network Discovery

Prior to accessing QuickBooks company file it is important to make sure that in the server Network Discovery is turned on. After that try opening the company file using map a network drive or UNC (Universal Naming Convention) path.

7. Install QuickBooks Data Manager

After following these 6 steps, if you are still unable to access the company file, then it is important to ensure that both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Data Manager are stored on the remote computer.

7.1 Install QuickBooks Database Manager on the Remote Computer

To install QuickBooks Database Manager follow these steps:

  • Download and install QuickBooks Desktop on the main computer
  • From the File Menu, click on Switch to Multi-user Mode
  • Select the Multi-user Mode and click Yes in a window prompt

Note: you can validate the status of QBDBMgrN.exe service by going to service manager, you can do this easily by executing services.msc command from the “run” prompt on your Windows computer.

  • Click OK on the Multi-user setup
  • Select and add users you want. To know how to add users, you can go to How Do I section.

3 Steps to Locate and then, Open QuickBooks Company File

You can locate QuickBooks company file by following these 3 steps:

  • Go to the File menu, and select Open or Restore Company
  • Browse the exact location where the company file is stored
  • Enter QuickBooks username and password to access the company file

Wrapping Up

Using these DIY tips you can easily access QuickBooks company file from a remote computer. However, if you encounter errors while accessing the company file, feel free to contact us right now.

We provide round-the-clock support for all sort of errors pertaining to QuickBooks and QuickBooks hosting. We have customized holiday season offers on QuickBooks and other accounting software hosting waiting for you.

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