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How to Not Let IT Downtime Curtail Your QuickBooks Performance

Service temporarily unavailable. Access denied. Please try again later. Maintenance downtime. These messages due to IT downtime may be annoying when you try to login or access your QuickBooks?

Due to IT downtime, businesses struggle to maintain their daily productivity. In a recently published research article, it has been found that mid to large sized businesses face around $1,000,000 productivity loss due to every downtime incident.

In your mission-critical QuickBooks, any incident of IT downtime can be a reason to worry. As per the data of Downdetector, 80 percent QuickBooks problems reported by QuickBooks Online users are related to log-in issues and 20 percent problems pertain to difficulties in accessing QuickBooks website.

Due to IT downtime and drop in QuickBooks performance, you may also come across several problems, such as:

  • Loss of customer trust
  • Loss of employees productivity
  • Loss of sales revenue
  • Loss of reputation

To overcome challenges due to IT downtime and boost QuickBooks performance, in this blog post, let’s discuss few simple ways.

Get QuickBooks Hosting

One of the easiest and comprehensive ways to prevent your business from IT downtime is to get your QuickBooks hosted in a cloud. With QuickBooks Desktop hosting there is always a guarantee for 99.95 percent uptime.

However, before getting QuickBooks hosting services, verify the profile and track record of the hosting provider.

QuickBooks hosting, in fact, offers a gamut of advantages, such 24/7 technical support, uncompromised data security, data backup every 24 hours, lightning fast servers and lot more.

Import Data Carefully

Every time when you import data, such as bank transactions or any other to QuickBooks, then there is a chance of facing downtime.

Due to downtime, the data import process can be badly affected. It is, therefore, important to be careful while importing data, and follow these rules:

  • Always assure that existing data are safely stored and backed up.
  • Do check that the import process is successful or not after every data import.
  • Try to restore the backup whenever there is a problem in importing the data.

Send QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy

To be on a safer side and prevent your business from downtime, you also have an option to use QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy. QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy lets you send a duplicate copy of QuickBooks Company File to your accountant or CPA.

Your accountant or CPA can work on the QuickBooks Company File, even when you face IT downtime.

Maintain Network

If you are having an in-house setup for QuickBooks hosting, then it is always important to maintain the highest network performance.

Ask your IT staffs to set-up the most advanced server for QuickBooks hosting and do its maintenance on a routine basis.

Well, maintaining high-performance of a server for QuickBooks hosting is an expensive affair, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. And, it is, therefore, advisable to outsource QuickBooks hosting from a reputed QuickBooks hosting provider.


IT downtime badly affects your business operation. Especially, when it comes to mission-critical applications, such as QuickBooks. To enhance QuickBooks performance, it is, therefore, important to get QuickBooks hosting services.

We are the most trusted QuickBooks hosting provider. If you wish to know about our QuickBooks hosting services, then feel free to contact us right now. We also offer free QuickBooks migration and upgrade. Our technical experts are 24/7 available to assist you.


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