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How to Keep Your QuickBooks Network Secure with Remote Employees?

If you are owner of a Small and Medium Business, a CPA or an individual accounting professional then, you need to have proper infrastructure setup, which is efficient to meet your business or client’s urgent accounting and bookkeeping needs.

To stay ahead of competitors or any other reasons, at times, you need to instantly carry business-critical financial activities on QuickBooks or any other accounting software that you use.

In the dynamic business environment, time and distance can no longer act as barriers to stop the flow of your business.

If you, however, don’t have the requisite infrastructure to have secure access to remotely connect with QuickBooks to and make urgent changes then, the overall accounting system can become vulnerable to external threats.

In this blog post, let’s look at a few great options following which you can have safe and secure remote access to QuickBooks any time you need. Let’s start.

3 Ways to Keep QuickBooks Secure with Remote Employees

1. Move to the Cloud

One of the most preferred choice to have remote access to QuickBooks with remote employees is to get QuickBooks hosted on the cloud server. QuickBooks hosting ensures end-to-end data encryption and the most advanced security mechanism.

When you migrate your QuickBooks to the cloud, the entire QuickBooks company file and data are stored on an off-site server that ensures optimal data security.

You and your remote employees can anytime connect to the off-site server and have safe and secure access to QuickBooks from any remote location and from any device that you love to use.

These days, SMBs and CPAs are rapidly adopting QuickBooks hosting with Techarex Networks, Recently lauded by Finances Online, Techarex Networks offers sophisticated QuickBooks hosting services starting from $40/user.

In addition to the guarantee of safe and secure access to QuickBooks hosted on the cloud server from any remote location, you can also save the huge investment that you need to make in establishing in-house IT infrastructure for QuickBooks hosting.

2. Create Strong Login Credentials

To have safe remote access to QuickBooks from a remote location, it is important that your employees set strong login credentials.

A strong login password should always be alphanumeric and contain special characters (&,$,#, etc.) as well.

Easy-to-crack passwords can make your entire QuickBooks network vulnerable to external threats and unauthorized access.

3. Limit QuickBooks User Access

Working remotely on QuickBooks cuts your overall cost of business operation. At the same time, it is, however, important that you don’t provide access to private and confidential QuickBooks data to all the employees working on the same QuickBooks file.

You can prevent unessential access to QuickBooks Virtual Network (VPN). VPN access gives an extra layer of security and prevents unwanted remote access to confidential and private QuickBooks data.

What’s Next

You and your remote employees can have secure access to QuickBooks by deploying QuickBooks on a cloud server and by setting strong login credential and by limiting QuickBooks user access.

You can get QuickBooks hosting from a QuickBooks hosting provider and have the most secure and advanced QuickBooks experience. To know more, feel free to contact us.


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