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How to Get Rid of QuickBooks Data Storage Limitation

Adopting the cloud technology and deciding to move to QuickBooks Hosting is one of the smartest decisions that you can take to streamline the accounting system. There are, however, certain criticalities involved in selecting the perfect QuickBooks hosting partner.

In the fast moving business age, along with several factors, such as QuickBooks accessibility, data security, etc., QuickBooks data storage needs to be your topmost concern while selecting a QuickBooks hosting provider.

As your business grows, you need scalable resources to store your QuickBooks data files. And, in such a scenario, having limited QuickBooks data storage capacity can be frustrating for your entire business

To let your business grow without falling short of data storage, Techarex Networks presents scalable  data storage with its QuickBooks hosting packages.

You can store your QuickBooks files, PDFs, Microsoft Office Files and lot more by getting QuickBooks hosting services by Techarex Networks.

In comparison to Techarex Networks, other hosting providers, as well as Intuit, offers limited data storage with QuickBooks hosting.

In case, you want to scale up data storage capacity with other hosting providers you may end up paying a hefty amount.

However, to let you have smooth QuickBooks experience without getting frozen due to heavy QuickBooks data files, in this blog post, let’s discuss few DIY tips.

DIY Tips to Temporarily Reduce the Size of QuickBooks Files

Over a period of time, your QuickBooks files get heavy in size and start impacting the performance of QuickBooks. You may face slowdowns while accessing or transferring QuickBooks files. To eliminate such hassles, you can follow these DIY tips.

Compress Your QuickBooks Files

You can compress QuickBooks files by creating a portable company file and then restoring it. Compressed QuickBooks files can help you rebuild data as well. To create a portable company file, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to File
  • Click on Create Copy
  • Select to create a Portable Company File
  • Log out from the File
  • Move the File to QuickBooks Archive Folder
  • Open QuickBooks and select to restore the portable company file you created
  • After restoring the File, you can work on this versions till you want

Run the Clean Up Company Data Utility

You can also run the Clean Up Data Utility to get rid of heavy sized QuickBooks files. By following this technique, you can reduce the size of QuickBooks files by up to 20 percent. To run the Clean Up Data Utility tool, follow these steps:

  • Select File
  • Click on the Utilities
  • Select and click on Clean Up Company Data

Run the Rebuild Data Utility

To run the Rebuild Data Utility to compress QuickBooks data files in one of the easiest steps that you can take to smoothly access your heavy-sized QuickBooks files. To run the Rebuild Data Utility, you need to follow these steps:

  • Login to QuickBooks in a single user mode as the Admin
  • Go to Files
  • Select Utilities
  • Click on Rebuild Data option

After following these steps, it is important to verify that data rebuild process has been successful or not. To verify:

  • Click on Files
  • Select Utilities
  • Click on Verify

The Way Forward

These are few temporary DIY tips that you can follow to have hassle-free QuickBooks experience. In the long-run, it is, however, advisable to get QuickBooks hosting services only from Techarex Networks that provides unlimited data storage with added security and mobility at an economical price.

Techarex Networks is a cloud hosting provider based out of the United States. Techarex Networks with its innovative and customized QuickBooks hosting services is helping SMBs to get the most advanced cloud accounting experience.

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