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How to Easily Achieve the Best QuickBooks Performance?

QuickBooks Desktop with hosting is the most preferred way to manage business accounting needs. As compared to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop hosting offers a gamut of advantages, such as round the clock support, flexibility, zero downtime and lot more.

There are, however, several instances when your business may not be able to achieve the desired QuickBooks performance in a hosting mode. Indeed, it is an undeniable fact that like any other software or the performance of QuickBooks can also periodically decline due to several reasons.

To let you achieve the best QuickBooks performance, in this blog post, we discuss 8 easy tips. Let’ start.

8 Easy Tips to Enhance Your QuickBooks Experience

1. Use QuickBooks Diagnostic Tools

If you are witnessing any decline in QuickBooks performance, then your first step should always be to take help from QuickBooks diagnostic tools. QuickBooks connection diagnostic tools lets you identify the real errors or issues and also provide options to resolve them.

2. Make sure that you meet hardware requirements

Every edition and version of QuickBooks comes with specific system configuration requirement. To get the optimal QuickBooks experience, it is,, therefore, important to assure that hardware of your system is accordingly configured.

3. Try to reduce numbers of notification

You may be getting numbers of notification while using QuickBooks desktop. Having excessive notifications can slower down QuickBooks performance. Try to disable redundant or unwanted notifications to speed-up QuickBooks response time.

4. Remove historical accounting details

Your QuickBooks Company File may contain several old entries or data. These data may not be relevant for your current business operations. Such historical data occupy lots of space and slows down overall QuickBooks performance.

To get optimal results, it is better to save these details in any other folder (out from QuickBooks) or delete them.

5. Periodically defragment your HDD

Defragmenting hard disk on a routine basis is one of the easiest ways to enhance QuickBooks performance. Usually, QuickBooks hosting performs efficiently with HDD in between 7200 to 10000 rpm.

However, due to unwanted flash files and other junks, HDD rpm gets declined, which in the long run also reduces overall performance of QuickBooks.

6. Try to avoid wireless networks

Relying on wireless networks for QuickBooks hosting oftenly reduced QuickBooks performance. It is, therefore, always wise to use external media such as a hard drive for getting the desired QuickBooks experience.

7. Always use QuickBooks in recommended mode

If you are using QuickBooks hosting in a multi-user mode, then you need to pay some extra attention to boost QuickBooks performance. While using QuickBooks in multi-user mode, you have two multi-user setup modes: Recommended Mode and Alternate Mode.

Always try to use QuickBooks in a recommended mode. Using QuickBooks multi-user in a recommended mode will surely enhance overall QuickBooks experience.

8. Disable antivirus

Antivirus helps you to keep your data safe. However, real-time scanning hinders QuickBooks performance. You can disable antivirus or it’s real-time scanning feature while using QuickBooks. It will assure smoother QuickBooks performance.


With these 8 tips, now you can easily enhance QuickBooks experience. There are, however, few technical considerations as well that you need to always keep in mind while making any changes.

In case, you want to concentrate on your core business, then it is well good to leave QuickBooks in hands of a reputed QuickBooks hosting provider.

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