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How to Customize QuickBooks Desktop in 4 Simple Ways

QuickBooks Desktop comes with a gamut of advantages. It fulfills end-to-end accounting needs and gives complete user satisfaction.

Despite the fact that QuickBooks Desktop has all the features that efficiently delivers comprehensive accounting solution, many people prefer to customize and use QuickBooks Desktop in the way they want.

There are several ways to customize QuickBooks Desktop and get the most optimal and personalized QuickBooks experience, which, we will discuss in this blog post.

4 Easy Ways to Customize QuickBooks Desktop

Customize the Icon Bar

The default icon bar may fulfill your need. However, if you want to improve the navigation, then the easiest way is to modify the icon bar.

To customize the Icon Bar, click on the “View” and select “Customize Icon Bar”. After selecting “Customize Icon Bar”, this window will open up:

 Customize QuickBooks Desktop : Icon Bar

This Customize Icon Bar window consists of all tools that you need to modify the icon bar. Select the appropriate tool to customize the icon bar as the way you want.

Track Open Windows

Many a time, when you simultaneously work on multiple windows, then navigating different windows may become a difficult task. However, you can customize QuickBooks Desktop and easily navigate different windows at any time.

Track Open Windows

To customize QuickBooks Desktop for tracking or navigating multiple windows, you need to use “Open Windows List”. A sidebar will be pop-up. A list will then open on left of the screen and show different open windows, which will let you easily track different open windows.

Homepage Customization

Homepage of QuickBooks Desktop consists of a complete list of features that you want to use. For example, if you want to “Enter Bills”, then on the left menu bar, you can see “Enter Bills” option. There are several such features that are listed on QuickBooks by default.

However, if you don’t need some features of QuickBooks Desktop and there are few features that are extremely important for you, then you have an option to customize the Homepage as well.

Customize QuickBooks Desktop : Homepage Customization

To customize the Home Page, click on “Edit”, select “Preferences” and then select “Desktop View”. From “Desktop View” select “Company Preferences” tab and finally from this tab make the changes that you want to do.

Find Favourites

Just imagine, what if you get all the features that you frequently use under one single list. You can select the most frequently used menus of QuickBooks Desktop and keep them under Favourites.

Customize QuickBooks Desktop : Find Favourites

To do so, click on “View” and select “Favourites Menu”. Here you will get an option to “Customize Favourites”. Select and click on “Customize Favourites” and finally click on “Add” button. After clicking on “Add” button you can start selecting the menus that you frequently use and want under one list.


You can easily customize QuickBooks Desktop by following these steps and get the most optimal QuickBooks experience. You also have an option to use QuickBooks add-ons or apps as well to have the tailored QuickBooks experience.

If you have any questions related to QuickBooks customization or QuickBooks add-ons hosting, then feel free to contact us right now.

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