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How to Choose from Different Server Types for QuickBooks Hosting?  

One of the most initial crucial decisions that any small business enterprise may need to take while hosting QuickBooks in a cloud is to select from different server types.

There are three types of servers on which you can get QuickBooks hosting: Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Cloud Server.

These three different server types have different functions, features and capacity. Depending on your business needs you can select any of them.

Well, before you select the most appropriate server, it is wise to carefully do analysis, such as:

  • The objectives behind using a server
  • Use server to – share QuickBooks files, backup vital data or remote access your QuickBooks
  • Do you want to access QuickBooks from any device you want, etc

To make your analysis easier, let’s look at different QuickBooks servers and understand different functionalities and usabilities of these servers in this blog post.

Cloud or Public Server

Cloud or public server simply means that you rent a virtual server space in a public cloud for QuickBooks hosting. This is quite different from other server types.

In other server types, you may need to purchase your own private server and install all the setups in your own dedicated space.

If you decide to host QuickBooks in a cloud server, then it also means that you are coming to an agreement with a cloud hosting provider that a cloud hosting provider will always assure that you get uninterrupted accessibility and security for your QuickBooks files.

Cloud server offers a gamut of advantages, however, it has few limitations as well.



You can always scale up or scale down your resources as per your business needs with cloud hosting.

No Geographical Restriction

You can access QuickBooks files hosted via public cloud servers from anywhere you want, and there is no geographical restrictions.


Unlike, any other server type, you can get customized services from cloud servers. You can always customize server space in the way you want.


As compared to other servers, a cloud server is affordable. Due to its cost-effectiveness, server is the most preferred among SMBs,


Data Breach

Public cloud is considered best for sharing non-sensitive information. But when you have to share critical information via public cloud, then you should think twice.

As cloud server is in a public space, so QuickBooks files stored on this server is more vulnerable to unauthorized access or breach than compared to files stored in other servers.

Performance Slowdown

Many a time, while accessing QuickBooks, you may not be able to access it within a fraction of seconds, because due to heavy data load, a performance of the server slows down and data transmission gets affected.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Server uses the same resources as public cloud servers, but the only difference is that is works from one particular cloud.

VPS is considered more secure and reliable that Public Cloud servers. This server is perfect for sharing confidential and sensitive information.

As Public Cloud Server, VPS has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at them one by one.



VPS is considerably more secure than any other type of servers as it uses its own dedicated and private space or cloud.


VPS plans can be customized as per the usage, and a user needs to pay accordingly. Therefore, VPS is more affordable than dedicated server plans.


Maximum Virtual Private Server plans are easily scalable as per the business needs. Businesses can anytime scale-up or scale-down server usage.  


High Maintenance Cost

A user is solely responsible for maintenance of VPS. Maintenance cost may not matter for large enterprises, but for SMBs it can be an expensive affair to host QuickBooks in a VPS.

Access Only to One User

Unlike public or dedicated servers, VPS gives access to only one user at a time. And, in case, if you want to use QuickBooks in a multi-user mode, then VPS can be an inapt choice.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server for QuickBooks hosting can be an appropriate choice, only if you want to have control over all the resources, such as hardware, operating system, etc.

However, for SMBs, selecting a dedicated server is advisable in a situation when money is not a constraint, and the only factor that matters is – performance.


High Back-end Performance & Speed

As compared to other server types, a dedicated server delivers the best performance and high-speed.

Full Administrative Control

A dedicated server provides full administrative control over all the resources required for QuickBooks hosting.


Fixed Cost

If you decide to go for a dedicated server for QuickBooks hosting, then you have to pay a fixed price. There is no customization or pay-as-you-go option.

High IT Upfront Cost

If you have an in-house dedicated server for QuickBooks hosting, then you need to spend a hefty amount for its maintenance.  


If you have decided to host QuickBooks in a cloud, then these are the three server types to choose. You need to select any of them depending on your budget and requirement.

However, if you want to concentrate on your core business and leave QuickBooks worries behind, then it is always wise to get QuickBooks hosting from a QuickBooks hosting provider.

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