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How IT Downtime Affects Your QuickBooks Experience and How to Avoid It

IT Downtime is one of the most annoying words that prevent businesses from achieving the optimal ROI. In the age of cloud technology, with a mission to achieve flexible, customizable and affordable solutions, businesses host their crucial IT resources in the cloud.

QuickBooks is one such important IT resources that are used by SMBs to manage financial and other business-critical activities, such as inventories, payroll, pricing, tax-filing and more.

SMBs, host QuickBooks Desktop in a cloud to enhance several functionalities and QuickBooks experiences, such as easy accessibility, mobility and security. However, IT Downtime is one the hassles that minimize QuickBooks ROI.

In this blog post, we will understand how IT downtime badly costs your business, precisely the accounting system and QuickBooks performance. We will further discuss the best mechanism to prevent it. Let’s start.

IT Downtime and QuickBooks Performance

If you host QuickBooks Desktop in a cloud, then there are chances of IT or network downtime, due to multiple reasons. These reasons primarily include:

  • Failure of server hardware
  • Security attacks, such as denial of services
  • Errors or failures in network devices
  • Changes in device configuration
  • Mismanagement of devices or human errors
  • Link failure due to network congestion
  • Power outages
  • Failed software upgrades or patches
  • Unprecedented natural disasters

While accessing or using QuickBooks Desktop hosted in a cloud, many a time, you may experience IT downtime that restricts you from using QuickBooks. There are several adverse impacts of IT or network downtime on your QuickBooks performance.

Fall in Productivity

Due to IT downtime, you, your accountant or client may not access QuickBooks or update urgent QuickBooks data, due to which there are chances of decline in overall productivity of your accounting team. Fall in productivity is, in fact, one of the most disturbing impacts of IT downtime

Loss of Customer Trust

Just suppose, if you are a retail business, and your customer purchases any product from a store, then the customer always wants to get an invoice, pay and go as soon as possible. However, at the very moment, if a network fails or your QuickBooks takes more than the prescribed time to update, then this can be irritating and a customer may also wish not to ever turn to your store.

Loss of Sales Revenue

Increasing business revenue and profitability are primary aims of any business. However, due to IT downtime and restrictions in using QuickBooks, if customer trust and productivity keeps on declining, then you may also witness a loss of revenue, which you never want.

Recovery Cost

After witnessing trouble in using QuickBooks due to IT downtime, you may also try to investigate and troubleshoot the reason behind IT downtime. The investigation and recovery may increase unwanted IT upfront cost, which you may have also tried to avoid.

These are the adverse impacts of IT downtime on QuickBooks performance. However, you may experience IT downtime while using QuickBooks, only in two scenarios:

  • When you host QuickBooks on an on-premise server
  • When you use QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Hosting Assures 99.95 percent Guaranteed Uptime

If you host your QuickBooks with any reputed cloud hosting and managed services provider then, you can always be assured of 99.95 percent uptime.

The reputed cloud hosting provider uses state-of-the-art data centers that guarantee that you have a hassle-free QuickBooks experience. Even, they have a proper monitoring and support system that proactively deals with any situation, which can lead to network downtime.

A QuickBooks Hosting provider is equipped with all the quintessential infrastructure and expertise that enhances QuickBooks performance by handling unforeseen occurrences, such as:

  • Spikes in network usage
  • Power outage
  • DOS attacks, and more


IT or network downtime reduces QuickBooks performance and overall productivity of your business. However, if you want to have hassle-free QuickBooks experience and be at a bay from any downtime issues, then it is advisable to host QuickBooks in a cloud with any reputed cloud hosting provider.

A QuickBooks hosting provider doesn’t just guarantees optimal IT uptime, but also ensures uncompromised data security, 24/7 support, and a lot more at a very reasonable and cost-effective price.

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