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Debunking Top 6 Myths About QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks is the most trusted and reliable accounting software. With more than 5.3 million users and 80 percent market share, QuickBooks is loved and used by most of the businesses.

Uniqueness of QuickBooks lies in its wide-array of features and simple and easy to use accounting tools. This accounting software simplifies complex accounting reports and makes you easily understand and use your businesses financial data and statistics.

Further, QuickBooks hosting gives boost to the overall functions of QuickBooks. QuickBooks hosting also enhances the security and accessibility of QuickBooks.

There are, however, several myths surrounding around QuickBooks cloud hosting, due to which there are several users who still don’t show confidence on QuickBooks Desktop Hosting solutions.

In this blog post to win confidence of such users, therefore, we will do a reality check behind top 6 myths of QuickBooks hosting and we will also make you understand and unleash the real power of QuickBooks Hosting solutions.

Myth 1

QuickBooks Hosting Burns Hole in the Pocket

Reality Check

Saying QuickBooks hosting to be an expensive affair is far from the reality. QuickBooks hosting, just like any other hosting services comes with pay-as-you-go model, which means that you need to pay only for the services that you avail. By getting QuickBooks hosted on the cloud, you get the most comprehensive QuickBooks services at the most economical price.

Myth 2

QuickBooks Hosting Needs Prior Technical Knowledge

Reality Check

This is yet another myth, which is completely false. For operating QuickBooks on the cloud, you don’t need any technical expertise, neither you need to be a data scientist for analyzing and using different financial data on QuickBooks. In fact, QuickBooks is the most feasible accounting software.

Myth 3

Down-time Can Hit the Business Badly

Reality Check

If you get any hosting services for your business from a renowned hosting service provider, then be assured of 99.95 percent uptime, which means that downtime is absolutely negligible. And, therefore, while getting QuickBooks hosting services, you don’t need to worry about any downtime.  QuickBooks on the cloud is in fact much faster than QuickBooks online.

Myth 4

QuickBooks Hosting is Insecure

Reality Check

Technological advancements and use of the top tier compliance, guarantees uncompromising security. Therefore, saying that QuickBooks hosting is insecure or unreliable is completely absurd and false. You no longer need to worry about your critical business data on QuickBooks hosted on the cloud.

Myth 5

QuickBooks Hosting is Annoying

Reality Check

One of the major advantages of QuickBooks hosting is that you get all round and integrated tech support. At any given point of time, there is always any support available for guiding you. So, saying that QuickBooks hosting is annoying or troublesome is yet another myth that is completely false.

Myth 6

QuickBooks Hosting Doesn’t Have Customizing Feature

Reality Check

QuickBooks hosting is in fact, completely customizable. You can easily customize QuickBooks the way you want or the way your business functions.  You can also easily add-on QuickBooks apps to further enhance functions and power of QuickBooks.


If you want to empower your business with the best and economical accounting solutions, then you need to get out of the absurd myths of QuickBooks Hosting. QuickBooks hosting solutions guarantees enhanced power, security and reliability of QuickBooks. QuickBooks hosting also lets you manage your finances in the way you want.

If you still have any doubt regarding QuickBooks hosting or if you want to get QuickBooks hosting or QuickBooks apps, then feel free to contact us right now. We provide best QuickBooks experience with our lightning fast and secure server and that too at the unbeatable prices. We also have pre-holiday season offers exclusively customized according to your business needs.

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