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It’s Time to Embrace QuickBooks Enterprise Remote Hosting, Know Why.

Over the last decade, QuickBooks has evolved from being an accounting software for non-accountants to the most known and trusted name as an accounting software. QuickBooks has evolved from Pro and Premiere to QuickBooks Enterprise.

QuickBooks Enterprise is a comprehensive solution catering to several needs of its users through advanced features, analytics and reporting. The enterprise version also allows hosting of 30 users simultaneously.

QuickBooks Enterprise is mostly preferred by small and medium organizations. And, it can be made more effective if the hosted application is used. Here are the top reasons why your organization needs to consider QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting:

● Lack of infrastructure or the troublesome setting up of network systems.
● The worry of losing critical data in absence of a proper disaster recovery solution.
● For controlling the increasing IT cost.
● For connecting multiple office locations and to enable access of uniform data.

All the above points can be taken care of by QuickBooks Enterprise Remote Hosting as these are the basic services you get when you move on the Cloud.

There are several benefits that a hosted application provides, which largely includes –dedicated storage space without the worry of infrastructure and cost effectiveness.Benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise Remote Hosting

Appended are few more reasons why organizations should consider QuickBooks Enterprise Remote Hosting:

Access Data from Anywhere You Want

A single application allows you to connect all your remote offices. Your teams spread globally can access the same data and ensure they access the most updated one. The application still allows the role-based access for data confidentiality.

Ease to Concentrate on Your Core Business Goal

For a small and medium sized business, it is crucial that they focus on their core operations rather than worrying about non-core but critical operations, such as accounting. Let the expert – QuickBooks Enterprise manage it for you with the minimal efforts from your side.

Enhanced Mobility

You can connect to your business from anywhere – even if you are travelling or are on a beach! What you need is just an internet connection and a device-laptop, phone or tablet.

Secure Your Data Without Any Worry

For any business, data security and backup are always critical. There are still many businesses that get affected by either cyber attack or a natural calamity. QuickBooks Enterprise takes care of backup of your data and ensures your business is up and running even during a disaster.

How to Choose the Perfect QuickBooks Enterprise Remote Hosting Provider?

Choosing the right vendor for QuickBooks Enterprise can be a daunting task. Prepare a checklist of your requirement and the points that you will not compromise on from a service provider, and use this as the fundamental factor while searching the r right vendor. Other than your checklist, it is important to look for the following factors as well.

● Ensure the location of the data centre is secure and is monitored 24/7.
● Discuss the possibility of the downtime of the system and shortlist the vendor only if the uptime is 99.9%.
● Ensure daily backup.
● Check if the vendor has high-speed fibre optic Internet connection.
● Free and easy access to your data anytime and anywhere
● Check if the power backup is available at the data centre for at least 7 days.


The list goes on, but just these two factors alone—remote access to your accounting system from anywhere with an internet connection and placing data safety and security in the hands of professionals—make the modest cost of hosting worthwhile.


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