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Enrich QuickBooks Experience with Advanced Pricing

You no longer need to manually update the item list after changes in prices of different products or items. Thanks to QuickBooks Advanced Pricing.

Advanced Pricing is a subscription-based feature, which is exclusively available with  QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Full Subscription Plan.

You can use Advanced Pricing feature for different purposes and easily save your time, boost revenue and enhance overall productivity.

With Advanced Pricing feature, QuickBooks automates the prices of different items in the sales item list as per your instruction.

There are several other advantages of Advanced Pricing that we will discuss in the blog post. We will also look how to use this exciting feature.

Benefits of Advanced Pricing

Quantity Discounts

Advanced Pricing feature helps you to add different discount rates on different quantities in the way you want.

QuickBooks can charge prices after offering different discounts on different products or number of products.

For example, if a customer buys 10 items then discount will be different from the discount that you offer to a customer when he purchases 20 items.

Set Refined Price Rules

QuickBooks Advanced Pricing feature enables you to set price rules in the way you want. Now, you can easily create price rules based on different combinations, such as items, customers, custom fields, vendors and lot more.

Manufacturer Markdown

Many a time, manufacturer markdowns prices of different products, and you have to manually update prices in your QuickBooks.

However, with Advanced Pricing feature, you can set date ranges and different conditions on manufacturer specific markdowns or reduction in price.

Schedule Promotion

As a part of a promotional strategy, you may offer sale discounts and offers on different products. And, updating the item list before and after the promotion may really be a time-consuming task.

However, with Advanced Reporting feature, you can now easily set start and end dates. This feature provides you both luxury and comfort.

Customize Price Change

Now, you can easily customize price change for different items in the way you want. Advanced Pricing feature lets you set different price rules for different items.

However, if you don’t set specific price rules, then same price rule will apply on all items and to all customers.

Enable Advanced Pricing

We already know that Advanced Pricing feature comes along with the full-time subscription plan of QuickBooks Enterprise. Now, let’ see how to activate and use this feature.

  • Open QuickBooks and select Edit menu
  • From Edit menu, click on Preferences
  • After clicking Preferences, on the left panel select Sales & Customers
  • From Sales & Customers, select Company Preferences tab
  • Now, select Custom Pricing and click on Enable Advanced Pricing


QuickBooks Advanced Pricing feature gives you enriched QuickBooks experience. It automates price changes for different products and saves your time and boost revenue as well.

To know other exciting features of QuickBooks,  benefits of QuickBooks Hosting and QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting, feel free to contact us right now.


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