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QuickBooks 2018 R3 Release: 5 Things You Need to Know

Intuit has just released the first maintenance update for QuickBooks 2018 products. As of now, this update is only available for QuickBooks US edition.

This is a manual update which you can get only from Intuit’s website. We can expect automatic updates in days to come.

Experts also suggest that if you are using QuickBooks Enterprise, then this update is a must to get optimal QuickBooks experience.

Prior to downloading QuickBooks 2018 R3 release, there are few things that you need to know.

In this blog post, to give you a concise brief of QuickBooks 2018 R3 release, we will discuss its 5 core features. Let’s begin.

5 Core Features of QuickBooks 2018 R3 Release

1. New Payroll Report

Intuit has added new payroll report feature in QuickBooks 2018 products. This feature enables you to get access to Employee Pay Adjustments History report.

You can find this update under the section of Reports/Employee and Payroll.

With this update, you can easily track changes in pay rates on the basis of different classes, such as work hours, bonus, salary and lot more.

2. Multi-Monitor

The update in the multi-monitor feature is just a course correction by Intuit. Actually, after the release of QuickBooks 2018 products, many users reported display problem.

However, With QuickBooks 2018 R3, this problem has been resolved.

3. Inventory

In the QuickBooks 2018, there were few issues related to inventory Reporting and Tracking, which has been resolved with QuickBooks 2018 R3 release.

Earlier, when a user clicked on the Title bar of New/Edit item, window disappeared from the viewable area. However, now users will not face any such issue after installing this update.

Related to Inventory, there is another update, which is specific to QuickBooks Enterprise users. This release fixes issue that prevented QuickBooks Enterprise users from sorting Class column in the Auto Create PO window.

4. QuickBooks File Manager

QuickBooks File Manager feature was earlier available only with QuickBooks Accountant edition.

This feature helps users to upgrade the security of QuickBooks and lot more.

However, this feature is now no longer limited to QuickBooks Accountant users. You can get this exciting feature with QuickBooks 2018 R3 release as well.  

5. Multi Additional Error Fixes

While using QuickBooks 2018, if you were getting the error message, Unrecoverable Errors in the areas of Invoice, Checks, Items, etc., then you don’t need to worry anymore.

QuickBooks 2018 R3 release fixes these errors and assures hassle-free QuickBooks performance.

Do You Need to Get QuickBooks Errors?

If you want to get optimal QuickBooks experience and want to stay away from any QuickBooks errors, then this update is unavoidable.

Wrapping Up

With this update, Intuit has resolved several errors and glitches that were reported by QuickBooks 2018 early users. In days to come, we can expect more updates by Intuit. To know about QuickBooks updates, keep tuned to this space.

You can also get to us if you have any query related to QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting, QuickBooks Application hosting, etc. We are just a call away!

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