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Subscribing to Power BI breaks Office 365 Integration in Windows Server Essentials

Windows Server Essentials is extremely beneficial as it provides numerous advantages such as built-in hooks, cloud-hosted Office 365-based email, efficient backup and disaster awareness. It streamlines the integration of possible cloud-based applications and services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure hence, it is also considered an ideal server for small business. Additionally, the Essentials can benefit in minimizing the time, energy and money you spend on IT. The main reasons behind are it is a flexible, equitable and easy-to-use server solution designed and evaluated for small businesses. It is one of the first servers which can be also used as the primary server in a multi-server environment. This helps small businesses to look after, consolidate, establish and access their applications and information from anywhere by using any virtual device. Whether you want to integrate the abundance of Office 365 data into your app, generate a custom experience within Office 365 itself or use custom reports to keep your Office 365 Enterprise environment operating efficiently.

The state of Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration appears as N/A in the Windows Server Essentials Dashboard. In the Application event log, users can encounter some error. There is some exception in the shared service host which is usually raised when the provider framework queries the Office 365 subscriptions to occupy the information in the dashboard. The issue only occurs if the trial Microsoft Power BI subscription is linked with Office 365 through a portal. Whenever the trial Microsoft Power BI subscription is linked with Office 365 integration through this portal, it increases numerous licenses for Power BI; however, it does not increase any subscription information. When the Windows Server Essentials provider framework queries the O365 subscription, it does discover the licenses without any subscription information being linked with it. Generally, there are two user experiences currently available for Power BI: the new experience for Power BI, currently presented as a Public Preview through a portal and the current experience which is generally stated as Power BI for Office 365 can be contributed from the O365 Portal. Till now there are no issues with Windows Server Essentials Dashboard Integration with Office 365 if Power BI for Office 365 is subscribed.

If users wish to try Power BI in Windows Server Essentials integrated with Office 365, it is suggested that users should go for Power BI for Office 365. If you have already enabled the new experience for Power BI through a portal, the Windows Server Essentials Email Service will continue to stop whenever you unveil the Windows Server Essentials Dashboard.

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