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Office 365 Admin Center Preview – Manage Dashboard

The all new Office 365 Preview Admin Center allows IT professionals to quickly and properly set-up the operational processes of any organization. It allows for seamless cohesion between your operational processes and the cloud server. Here is a list of all the options that are provided in the all new Office 365 Preview Admin Center.


This is the main landing page of the admin center for Office 365 Preview. Here you can find the links to regularly used features like setup, user management, billing options and service health options. It also provides the user critical information on service health, service requests and messages. You can also find several tutorial links to guides and resources in this page.


Here you’ll find two options to help setup your operations on Office 365. The basic setup helps IT professionals to instantly create new users, set up Office Web apps, email accounts and web conferencing parameters. While the extended setup lets IT professionals set automatic configuration checks, directory synchronization, e-mail migration and also helps configure the hybrid cloud environment.


This page helps manage the user database and set permission levels. It also helps with password modification and management and also lets IT professionals edit user data for proper synchronization with the cloud.


The Contacts page helps IT execs to manage and share contacts. It also allows them to edit contact details including addresses, company name, home and office phone numbers and more.

Shared mailboxes

This page helps create a shared mailbox, which can be used by multiple users to monitor and share e-mails.


From this page, the user can manage the security groups and also create and edit existing user groups and accounts. This page also allows the user to set permission levels.


This page helps the user to edit domain names, DNS settings, and fix any internet related issues.

Public website

The enables the users to create and manage a public website with the help of a webhost service.


This page helps manage the Office 365 subscriptions and also provides billing information and all the licenses allocated to the organization’s employees.


External sharing

This page helps IT professionals to set the external sharing parameters for employees, for SharePoint, Exchange calendars, Lync external contacts, and all other integrated apps.

Service settings

You’ll find the most common settings in this page for Office 365 web apps like, Mail, Sites, Lync, Updates, User software, Passwords, Community and Mobile sharing parameters, for easy and quick access.


Here you can find links to service reports, mail usage, Lync, SharePoint and other Office web apps.

Service health

Monitor the service health of individual services from this page. Get notifications for upcoming maintenance tasks and technical issue incidents all from this page.


This page is simply to address issues that needs customer support for possible solutions.

Purchase services

This page displays all of the additional services from Microsoft for Office 365.

Message Center

This page displays messages regarding changes in service, new feature updates and other such information.


Here you can find tools to evaluate the individual service health, connectivity and also troubleshooting tools to take care of minor issues.


This page lets you create individual admin centers for all Office 365 web apps like Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, and others.

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